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Men comb the hair and happy with hair growth stimulation therapy Men comb the hair and happy with hair growth stimulation therapy

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For women and men suffering from hair loss problems, stimulating new hair growth can help to encourage faster growth and stronger hair. So how do you go about stimulating those follicles to support hair growth? HGS For hair fall in Gurgaon is a very popular 3 step therapy for combating hair fall, thinning of the hair, and overall improvement of the health of your hair and scalp.

Hair growth stimulation therapy is a treatment that uses various methods to increase hair growth. Some treatments use chemicals or hormones to stimulate the hair follicles, while others use heat or laser light to break down the hair shaft and encourage new hair growth.


Smooth Hair

HGS can be injected in the scalp in several ways to reduce the anxiety and the pain to the patient.

(a) sometimes a topical numbing cream is applied over your scalp for 30-45 minutes prior to the injection and the patient is usually requested to come a little early for this.

(b) Multiple nerve blocks are given to block the nerves supplying your forehead and scalp region so that after 5-7 minutes when the effect of anesthesia comes the procedure becomes totally painless. It is supposed to the best method of all as it gives you the maximum results with minimum pain.

(c) The area to be injected is numbed using sterile ice cubes or the use of vibrators to reduce the pain and anxiety before injection of local anesthesia.

(d) In some cases we mix the local anesthetic solution with the HGS to reduce discomfort during the injection.

Specific Solutions Against Hair Concerns


Advanced HGS is one of the LA MIDAS Signature Therapies for hair fall with magnificent results. The therapy is a unique combination of different breakthrough technologies offering specific solutions against different hair concerns. This includes hair loss, weaker hair or hair thinning, etc.

It is an amalgamation of the benefits of three different technologies which are HGS, Micro needling & Low-Level Laser therapy all combined in one session.

What is HGS therapy? What are the key benefits?

The HGS therapy is a therapy that uses a patient’s own blood cells to promote regrowth in the area of thinning and hair loss, reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicles, and provide textural improvements. The treatment is quick, effective, and almost painless thus producing more efficient results than a regular HGS therapy.

How many sessions do I need?

Although multiple sessions will be required, one can expect long term results after 3-4 sessions of treatment along with hair nutrients, multivitamin supplements prescribed by our doctors.

How do HGS, Micro needling & Low-Level Laser therapy work?

Low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT) generally utilizes non-thermal effects of low-intensity light at red or near-infrared wavelengths to alter biological activity in cells, termed photobiomodulation or photo biostimulation.

Hair growth-stimulating effect of LLLT was accidentally discovered by Endre Mester in 1967. Since then, several studies have cumulatively supported its benefits with minimal adverse events, establishing a novel treatment option for hair loss. LLLT appears to stimulate anagen re-entry of telogen hair follicles and prolong the duration of the anagen phase. The modulation of the hair cycle reveals an increase in hair density and diameter as well as a decrease of hair shedding, resulting in clinical improvement of alopecia.

In advanced HGS we also combine micro needling which helps in the better penetration of the HGS and other growth factors, increases the blood circulation around the root of the hair follicles, also causes activation of stem cells in the hair bulge, which helps to increase delivery of nutrients & oxygen to the hair follicles also making the hair thicker, stronger & healthier.

When micro needling and LLLT therapy is combined with HGS, the beneficial effects of HGS therapy are augmented many folds.


Try new hair growth stimulation therapy!

Looking for a hair growth therapy that is fast, effective and easy to use? Look no further than our Hair Growth Stimulation Therapy! This is patented, safe and effective hair treatment to promote new hair growth in the scalp.



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The procedure involves drawing a patient's blood and then processing it in our very popular ULTRA PRP MACHINE with FDA APPROVED Dr. PRP kit to extract the HGS which is then injected into the problematic area of your scalp to promote hair growth. It is now well established through various clinical studies that HGS therapy for hair fall triggers natural growth and increases the thickness of the hair shaft and is a useful adjunct in patient’s having early-onset hair loss.
Sometimes HGS therapy can be combined with other procedures and medications for improved effects. As this treatment involves injecting your own blood into the scalp, the risk of you getting infected is negligible. The therapy consists of 3 to 4 treatment sessions spread over 3 to 4 months along with the maintenance session every 6 months.
1. After the therapy is done, you have to make sure that you do not put any stress on your hair roots. 2. Avoid excessive use of harsh shampoo & hair conditioner 3. Avoid specific hair loss to avoid traction on your hair roots. 4. Avoid direct sunlight to keep their hair scalp as well as hair healthy. 5. Avoid excessive use of hot rollers, hot oil treatments, excessive perming and dyeing of hair. After the procedure, your hair scalp may require some external serums & nutrients for home care . At La Midas, our doctors will prescribe certain hair products as per your hair condition.
Although multiple sessions will be required, one can expect long term results after 3-4 sessions of treatment along with hair nutrients, multivitamin supplements prescribed by our doctors.
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