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Body Contouring

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Your body is nature's supreme piece of sculpture. Keeping your body beautiful perfectly carved is not just a dream, it is your entitlement. But owing to the submissive lifestyle, dietary reasons and other biological factors, we often have to deal with a fat deposition that makes us out of shape. Despite regular exercise, eating right, and making all possible efforts accumulation of fat can still happen and cause bumpy irregular contours. Body contouring can help you get rid of this fat deposition. This makes you healthier and brings agility and buoyancy which can be a game-changer in your quest for success.

About Body Contouring

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Many factors lead to the deposition of stubborn fat in your body. It is not on our control to determine or direct the storage of fat in our body. This results in random accumulation causing uneven contours and unwanted bulges. The common body areas that are affected by such stubborn fat are belly, thighs, buttocks or back of the arms.

Body contouring is a process of fat reduction. It encompasses a variety of procedures to reduce or remove mulish fat pockets and give your body a beautifully carved shape. The procedure removes the excess fat, tighten your skin and help to re-contour your body. It also helps in maintaining an ideal body weight for healthy living.

Diagnosis & Recommendation



 Excessive body fat not only makes affects your look, but it also makes you feel unhealthy. It can be an obstacle in your daily routine and can make you go out of breath with slight physical activities. It may also cause cellulite on your skin and make it look and age. At La Midas, we not only focus on removing excess fat but also ensure that there is no slack in the skin and it looks tightened and fresh, perfect as gold. Our experts diagnose the need for body contouring treatment by detecting and analyzing symptoms like lax skin, saddlebags, love handles, flanks, arm fat, double chin, and other medical conditions. We follow targeted procedures to provide you an overall well-shaped body from head to toe. Our methods ensure long-lasting results that maintain your youthful energy and induce a positive vibe.

La Midas Recommendations

          For those how to battle with the fat deposition in spite of mindful eating and sensible exercise routine, La Midas presents several body contouring            treatments that are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting results.

·         Cool Sculpting

          The treatment is based on the science of Cryolipolysis. It uses cold temperature to target and destroys fat cells in various body areas. The freezing              temperature kills the fat cells without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. It can work well with abdomen, thigh, flanks, arms,                          underneath the buttocks, double chin, bra and back fat.

·         Laser Lipolysis

          This procedure uses the laser to heat and kill the fat cells. The high temperature of the laser destroys the fat cells which get flushed out of the                    lymphatic system. It is highly effective for the abdomen and flanks. You can achieve the desired results with little or no downtime.

·         Radio Frequency Lipolysis

          The procedure involves using ultrasound technology to treat stubborn fat pockets. The ultrasound technology is very tender to the skin and gently               contours the body. The target areas are abdomen and flanks.

·         Injection Lipolysis

          This method uses synthetically formed deoxycholic acid to kill fat cells which are metabolized by the body after the treatment. It is most suitable               for chin areas.


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Body contouring is reshaping your body by removing excess fat for health and improved visual appearance. The methods that are used for reshaping purposes are of the following types.


These are surgical procedures involve slitting and suturing while removing the fat cells


These are some advanced procedure that uses light or radio wave energy and requires no incision.


It involves subjecting the skin to an extremely cold temperature that freezes the fat cells which are then flushed out.

Transform Your body Appearance with our treatment

Our team of specialists is equipped with the latest technology and techniques, so you can be sure that your results will be perfect. We offer a variety of treatments, including laser liposuction, skin resurfacing and fat removal.

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