Stretch Marks on the stomach Stretch Marks on the stomach
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lady have Stretch Marks on their stomach lady have Stretch Marks on their stomach

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Stretch Marks Removal

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Most of the people follow a regular skincare regime and maintain a healthy diet to ensure smooth and silky skin. But mostly this dream is dared by several marks or blotches which may appear due to environmental factors or bodily transformations. As you walk through different phases of your life, your skin also changes and brave the marks of your experience. However, nothing should stop you from having a smooth clear skin that brings your heydays’ enthusiasm back.

About Stretch Marks Removal

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Stretch marks appear as long narrow lines which sometimes take pink, bluish or purplish shade. These marks take over a range of body parts like belly, hips, thighs, breasts, upper arm, etc. usually these marks are developed due to rapid weight gain, medical conditions, or hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or puberty.
Many elements increase the likelihood of stretch marks appearance. These factors include pregnancy, obese, rapid weight gain or loss, breast enlargement surgery, personal or family history and conditions like Cushing's syndrome, Marfan syndrome, and other genetic disorders. These factors decrease the elastic fibers in the skin and contribute to stretch marks.




As stated above, stretch marks can occur due to several reasons. It is always better to consult a professional expert to identify the root cause of the problem so that it can be addressed most efficiently. La Midas clinic is dedicated to the development of an inclusive treatment for patients by customizing the treatments to meet their individual needs and expectations. The team of experts is always motivated to develop self-belief in you by ensuring perfectly glowing skin as radiant as gold. The stretch marks are formed at the dermis or the middle layer of the skin. They are formed when the connective tissues are stretched further than their elasticity due to the rapid expansion and contraction of the skin. At La Midas, we understand that the appearance of these marks depends on your skin type, their location, the underlying cause, and the duration they have been on your skin as a part of the diagnosis.

La Midas Recommendations

La Midas offers a wide range of treatment options. Selection is made to pick the treatment that best suits your skin type, rigorousness of the problem, and your expectations. The option is selected only after careful inspection of the underlying factors.

Topical products
There are several creams, oils, and lotions in the market which claim to treat stretch marks. These products generally contain tretinoin, Centella Asiatica, bitter almond oil, cocoa butter, and other moisturizing agents. The compounds present in these products work as collagen boosters and provide softness to the skin. However, they can only provide relief to an extent.

Laser therapy
The laser is used in a large range of skin treatments. It is a painless method with minimal recovery time and is known to provide the most satisfying results at a high success rate. The pulsed dye laser therapy is used for newer stretch marks to calm blood vessels that could be causing the marks. For older marks, fraction CO2 laser therapy is often used.

This method is performed by rubbing tiny crystals on the top skin layer and is effective for new stretch marks. It can be combined with peel for better results.


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Stretch marks treatment is most successful when the type of marks along with the root cause, location, and other factors. Based on their formation and appearance stretch marks are broken into two classifications.

Striae Rubrae

These stretch marks are red or pink which is the acute stage of stretch marks. These are the initial indication of overstretched skin.

Striae Albae

These marks are irregular in shape with a scar-like and faded look. This indicates an advanced stage of stretched skin.

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