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Posted By Dr. Bindu Garg: 10th September, 2019
Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims for either formation or reformation of the vagina. It is a type of plastic surgery to repair injuries, congenital disorders or endocrine conditions. The goal of vaginoplasty is to create a vagina out of penile tissue appearing as a biologically developed vagina.

Medical uses

The medical aspects of the procedure mainly involve either of the following:
• repair of a short urethra
• separation of the congenitally fused urethra and vagina
• vaginal construction or reconstruction using graft or prosthetic material
• vaginal suspension and fixation
• repair of cystocele using graft or prosthesis
• retropubic paravaginal repair
• treatment of vaginal agenesis


Penile inversion procedure: It is a standard vaginoplasty technique in which penile skin is used to construct the vaginal lining. If the skin is insufficient to create the vaginal depth, the surgeon grafts the skin from other body parts. Scarring is typically hidden or minimal. The labia majora are created using scrota skin and the clitoris is built from the top sensitive skin of the penis. This technique is the most common vaginal reconstruction technique.
Colon procedure: This technique uses the lining of the colon instead of the penile skin. As a result, the tissue is self-lubricating unlike vaginas made from penile tissue which require artificial lubrication. Comparatively, the colon procedure involves risks and is typically used only in the case of a penile inversion.

The procedure

Before taking up the case, the surgeon will explain to you the pros and cons of the process to prepare you mentally. The procedure is complex as it involves delicate tissue, vasculature and nerve fibers. The steps of the entire procedure are as follows:
An antianxiety medication or another sedative is given to the patient.
The testicles are removed and discarded.
A new vaginal cavity is carved out in the space between rectum and urethra.
Thereafter, a penile prosthesis or surgical dildo is inserted into the cavity to hold the shape.
The skin is removed from the penis. As a result, the skin forms a pouch that is sutured and inverted.
A triangular piece of the glans penis is removed to become the clitoris.
The urethra is removed, shortened and prepared for repositioning before the remaining parts of the penis are discarded.
Suturing is done and bandages are applied to the affected area.
The entire procedure may take two to five hours. Also, post-operative steps are taken after four days.

Preparations before surgery

Consult with your surgeon about the electrolysis procedure to permanently eliminate the potential for vaginal hair growth. Besides, you are advised not to eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before surgery as you'll be given anesthesia.

Risks involved

The complications associated with vaginoplasty are rare. However, every surgery involves some level of risk:
• Infection
• Bleeding
• Skin or clitoral necrosis
• Rupturing of sutures
• Urinary retention
• Vaginal prolapsed
• Fistulas

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