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Warts Treatment

We all are born with soft and spotless skin and wish to maintain it all the time. But over time our skin has to brave many testing conditions, which makes it flawed and blemished. Many reasons cause damage to our skin and viruses being a prominent one which gives rise to warts on your skin. With the development in cosmetic treatments, we have many procedures which eliminate warts and provide a clear smooth skin and elevate your self-reliance and encourage you to pursue your dreams with promise and assertion.
Warts are solid blister-like or small cauliflower-like growth on the skin which is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus increases the quantity and rate of development of keratin which is a hard protein that on the upper layer of the skin. This results in the formation of warts.
Warts can disappear by themselves but the process may take from a few weeks to several years. As they are caused by a virus, they can spread due to close skin-to-skin contact, through towels and shoes, and with the presence of moisture. The good news is that many surgical and non-surgical procedures can treat warts and relieve you from these otherwise bothersome rough patches.
Warts can be easily detected by their appearance in the skin. However, identifying their type along with the location they have formed at play a vital role in the treatment. It is always fruitful to consult specialists like La Midas for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment. At La Midas, we consider warts not just as a skin problem, but as a viral ailment that can spread. We provide comprehensive treatment for removing these blemishes and reinstate the golden dazzle of your skin with utmost clarity and smoothness. Our treatments will provide you an inner buoyancy to move forward in life against all odds with high spirits.
Warts are of different types. Each type shows different visible characteristics and emerges at different locations. Detection of the exact type is the first step for a successful treatment.
  • Common warts
    These are firm, raised, and rough surfaces that often appear on knuckles, fingers, elbow, knees, etc with visible clotted blood vessels.
  • Plantar warts
    They are common on the sole of feet, toes, and heels and grow due to the pressure of body weight. They generally have a black spot surrounded by hard white tissues.
  • Plane warts
    They can be yellowish, brownish, or skin-colored with round and flat shape and often grows in areas with excessive sun exposure.
  • Filiform warts
    They commonly grow on eyelid, neck, and armpit and are long and thin in shape.
  • Mosaic warts
    These warts appear in large clusters formed by multiple plantar warts.
    They are generally of the same color as of the skin.
La Midas Recommendations
La Midas is dedicated to providing you the comprehensive treatment to enhance your overall beauty. We pay attention even to the smallest aspect of your skin before making a recommendation for the treatment of warts.
  • Salicylic acid
    These are many salicylic acid creams, gels, paints, and medicated band-aids available for purchase line which can be used to treat warts. However, you should protect the surrounding skin with petroleum jelly to avoid damage.
  • Cryotherapy
    Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on warts that destroy the cell. It forms a blister which falls off in around a weak.
  • Surgery
    Surgery can be done in two ways. Warts can be either shaved off using a surgical razor or a precise laser beam can be used to remove warts.
  • Candida antigen shots
    These shots are given to locally stimulate your immune cells to recognize warts and take action to remove them.

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