Does vampire facial treatment work?


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Vampire Facial Treatment

The actual name for the vampire facial is platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which is a regenerative therapy that uses a patient's blood to get the facial done. Platelets are known to be tiny blood cells that play a crucial role in getting the bleeding to stop while repairing the blood cells and vessels at the same time.

Platelets are little powerhouses that work by releasing the protein as soon as they come in contact with the tissues present in the body. The treatment is followed by using a general anaesthetic cream that numbs the facial area.

The process of PRP includes the usage of a needle to draw blood from the client's arm which is later spun in the machine to get rid of the platelets.

The plasma from the blood of the patient is extracted which is later spattered on the clients face by using tiny needles that are used for acupuncture. This is how the vampire facial treatment is carried out and shows its result by rejuvenating the face.

Here are a few things that a vampire facial treatment takes care of:

  1. Rejuvenates that under-eye skin area of the person
  2. Improves the appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks
  3. Adds volume to the cheeks of a person which makes them look plump
  4. Tightens the stubborn open pores.

There are several ways in the market nowadays that help in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Surgery can be looked at as a more extensive way to achieve that.

Apart from that, the approach of Plasma Rich Protein facial also called as the vampire facial treatment works by combining the platelets and plasma present in the blood which further helps in skin rejuvenation. The rejuvenation happens due to the production of collagen.

Collagen can be looked at as a latticework of the face that works by smoothening and improving the skin tone of a person. Here are some of the things that are important for people to know about Vampire Facial Treatment, also called the Vampire facials.

How to create platelet-rich plasma?

The vampire facial treatment is more medical rather than cosmetic. The process is started by taking a small sample of the blood. The blood is spun into the centrifuge so that a person can extract plasma that is rich in protein. After extracting plasma, platelets are extracted. The mixture of the two is referred to as Protein Rich Plasma.

The dermatologists have now started using PRP to stimulate collagen while there are treatments that follow the same line of using PRP to get rid of injured ankles, elbows, knees etc. The PRP helps the tissues to grow and is a number one factor to heal the body.

How does the vampire facial treatment work?

Many clinics have the service for vampire facial treatment in Gurgaon. The process includes spreading the plasma on the face which is later micro needled across the cheeks as well as the forehead of a person. This helps the face to absorb all the proteins.

Microneedling is a very important process of the entire vampire facial treatment and is the creation of tiny punctures into the skin of a person. It is very important to realize that the needles used in micro-needling are properly sanitized.

The process of PRP along with microneedling helps to stimulate collagen is an effective way to transform the skin. The skin is made better in two levels: Top of the skin as well as beneath the skin.

Things you should know

The vampire facial treatment is a safe process and is recommended to almost everyone unless you have conditions with blood clotting. If you are someone who takes blood thinners then you might want to consult your doctor before pursuing the famous vampire facial treatment.

Before you hop into the treatment, it is very important to know how effective the treatment is. Vampire facial treatment is a non-surgical treatment that should not be compared with the surgical treatments such as Botox, Face Lift etc. The result of the vampire facial treatment is amazing and can be categorized as a non-surgical result.

When the skin of a person is damaged by the sun and is loose, then going for these non-invasive treatments does not make a huge difference. In such cases, it is better to see a doctor and ask for doctors advice to get the best of vampire facial treatment.

Steps were taken for vampire facial treatment in Gurgaon

It is important to schedule a consultation in some of the best service providing clinics. A consultation like this will be full of queries from your side seeking for knowledge and the procedure followed by the treatment along with the cost associated for the same.

Once you begin the treatment, it is important to follow all the instructions provided by the instructor in every session. These sessions are carried out a few weeks apart and it is important to not skip any session as it can lead to curtailed results from the treatment.

Once the treatment starts, it is important to watch out for any interaction or side effect that may be irritating your skin. In such cases, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

How long before you see the results?

Going for PRP with the microneedling sessions can improve the scars to a great extent. Few sessions of treatments are required before a person starts to see the result. Once all the sessions of the treatment are done, a doctor's consultation is required for regular maintenance. Regularity in the sessions ensures a prolonged effect on the face of a person.

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