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Vaginoplasty: Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Gurgaon

A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that can tighten the vaginal opening. It is also known as a “vaginal rejuvenation” or “vaginal tightening” procedure. This revolutionary technique has been proven successful for women who have been unhappy with their vagina or have become unhappy due to changes such as childbirth or aging.The surgery involves making incisions in the vagina and removing excess skin. The muscles of the vaginal wall are then tightened and the incisions are closed.
A vaginoplasty procedure is typically done for women who have experienced significant vaginal laxity after a child birth. Most women experience drastic physiological changes post delivery as child birth can stretch the vagina reducing its tone and strength, a condition known as vaginal laxity. This laxity results in loss of sensation, urinary incontinence and has negative effects on women’s satisfaction during vaginal intercourse, with subsequent impact on marital relationship well-being.
Research has indicated that almost 50% of all women will suffer from the effects of vaginal atrophy during their lifetime. Vaginoplasty a simple and effective treatment is available to improve the tone, comfort and normal functioning of the vagina.
Who should opt for vaginoplasty?
If you have had natural childbirths and want to restore previous vaginal tightness, vaginoplasty is a suitable solution for you. The procedure is aimed at correcting the laxity of the vagina and makes it tighter. Also if you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms below, vaginoplasty is a therapy you need to consider:
  • Loose vaginal skin
  • Reduced friction and pleasurable sensation during sex
  • Painful intercourse
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Involuntary flatulence
What is the procedure of vaginoplasty?
Procedure involves tightening the lax muscles and tissues in the front or back of the vaginal canal walls. It may involve reposition of the vaginal muscles or correcting stretched muscles/tissues. This is done by shortening the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina and then stitching together with sutures. Immediately after surgery you will notice the difference. The surgery takes around an hour and will be done under anesthesia.
Recovery period will vary from patient to patient. Patients may get back to normal activities in weeks time. However, avoid strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse for at least four to six weeks post-surgery.
Vaginoplasty may be combined with other female genital surgery such as labiaplasty, hymenoplasty and other.
Laser treatment or radiofrequency technique can also be used for heating tissue and stimulating collagen growth both internally in the vaginal canal and externally to the outer labia. These non-surgical procedures help in stimulating the vagina tissue thus in term help to restore the tissue and increase blood flow to the vaginal wall.
What are the risks and complications?
Common side effects are infection or bleeding at site. These can be controlled by taking precautions in the healing period. The stitches used for vaginoplasty are similar to those used after childbirth and dissolve naturally after 5-7 days. At La Midas clinic we will give detailed post-op instructions with the do’s and don’ts, and explain about personal hygiene, pain relief and antibiotics.
Most women find that the results of vaginoplasty very satisfactory and their sexual function and pleasure is enhanced after procedure.
LA Midas is a State of The Art Center that Provides Genuine Quality Services of the International Standard of Technology. We offer vaginal rejuvenation services with a wide range of solutions to women’s common vaginal problems.
Our Gynecologist & Founder Dr Pankhuri Garg (from the core team of Neelkanth Hospital which gave Gurgaon its first IVF baby) is extensively trained in the field of cosmetics. Our aim is to assist women with all their vaginal needs. We help women regain their confidence through vaginoplasty by eliminating vaginal laxity conditions and tighten your vagina to its original, natural form.

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The vision for LAMIDAS emerged out of the love and support received by the people of Gurgaon to Neelkanth Group of Hospitals.

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