Vaginal Laxity
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Vaginal Laxity

loose or relaxed and results in decreasing the tightness of your vaginal muscles. It can become an interruption in the process of deriving sexual satisfaction. This disorder can be linked to various causes and symptoms. However, with the right kind of vaginal rejuvenation suiting your case, you can get rid of your vaginal laxity right away. Check out ahead all you require to know.
Pregnancy followed by child delivery can contribute to extensive vaginal stretching and trauma. This usually causes a loss of vaginal tightness. Vaginal laxity happens more commonly if you have given birth to more than one baby or had a large baby or went through a forceps delivery, as well as, due to normal ageing. Apart from these, extreme levels of stress and high physical activity can also impact your vaginal walls hormonally and structurally. Moreover, at menopause, the specific reduction of testosterone and oestrogen levels lower the plumpness of your vaginal muscles. This causes vaginal dryness that further results in its laxity. All these causes and factors can contribute to vaginal laxity.
It is necessary for you to remember that no particular test or way is usually there for carrying out the diagnosis of vaginal laxity. Our vaginal rejuvenation expert will note down the history of your condition and take a genital physical exam. Based on the reports of this exam, he/she will estimate the severity or degree of your vaginal laxity. Depending on this, he/she will suggest the most favourable treatment option for you as per your specific condition.
Various types of signs or symptoms are associated with vaginal laxity which helps us to evaluate the intensity of your condition better. Most of these are linked to your sexual life. For this reason, you can lead a normal life even while you are suffering from the problem. Below are the usual types of vaginal laxity symptoms:
  • Reduced sexual libido and working.
  • Loss of your vaginal lubrication.
  • Sounds created due to the expulsion of air during exercises, sex or other certain movements.
  • Trouble to get orgasm during sexual intercourse and decreased sexual satisfaction.
La Midas Recommendations
If you suffer from vaginal laxity, we recommend you to receive one of the following treatment options of vaginal rejuvenation. Depending on the extent of your vaginal looseness, we will propose the fairest option for you.
  • Sexual Rejuvenation
    We employ BTL Emsella therapy to regenerate and rejuvenate tissue in your pelvic floor muscles and vaginal canal. It also helps treat any sexual trouble due to loss of tissue and muscle tone. This technique enhances vaginal muscle tone by causing cellular regeneration. It can improve your vaginal laxity by strengthening, tightening and lifting your vaginal tissues, ensuring better sexual contentment.
  • Venus Fiora
    It employs radio frequency technology, rendered safe for patients of any skin type. It allows stimulation of the generation of new collagen by producing mild heat in your vaginal canal. It boosts moisture production and promotes elasticity and firmness of your vaginal tissue. It is equipped with integrated temperature management and feedback for assuring uniform treatment temperatures for better comfort and safety for you. The immobile position of the applicator effortlessly attains effects while maximizing your comfort.

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