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Vaginal Itching

Itching in the vagina can be uncomfortable and often painful for many. It is absolutely necessary to treat the underlying condition which may be the reason behind it. A medical examination by a practised doctor can detect and diagnose both, the Vaginal itching itself and the causes behind it, so that the person may get some relief from the condition.
A number of factors can result in irritable Vaginal itching in a woman. Although it may be temporary and not pose any threat, it could indicate the presence of an underlying condition, which may need treatment. A number of factors can contribute to the disease, such as:
  • Exposure to irritating substances and chemicals around the vaginal area
  • Prevailing skin diseases
  • Presence of a yeast infection or bacteria
  • Transmission of sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex
  • Items such as soaps, creams, scented fabric softeners and ointments can irritate the sensitive skin around the vagina causing itchiness.
  • Diseases such as eczema can be the reason behind redness in the genital region.
  • An overgrowth of yeast or the presence of bacterial vaginosis can have a similar impact on the vagina.
  • Stress, menopause and cancer of the vulva are also among the most common causes behind vaginal itching.
To understand the underlying cause of the itching, we will need to examine you for the presence of typical symptoms. To overcome conditions like bacterial vaginosis and sexually transmitted diseases, our doctor may prescribe a combination of antibiotics and ointments. Tablets can be consumed in case the symptoms result from menopause and so on. But for more serious cases, we will have to recommend a complete treatment plan to eradicate the root cause of the problem.
Although most commonly vaginal itching is not serious, sometimes it can wreak havoc on your system, demanding immediate medical attention. This is more important if the following symptoms of vaginal itching persist for more than a week.
  • Presence of blisters or ulcers
  • The occurrence of pain and tenderness in the genital region
  • Swelling and redness of the vagina
  • Problem in urinating
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Having difficulty in intercourse
La Midas Recommendations
Treatment for vaginal itching must be availed from an experienced doctor who may diagnose the condition with accuracy and determine the cause behind its occurrence. Depending on the underlying cause of the issue of vaginal itching, we will suggest the best treatment for you which could be one among the following:
  • Sexual Rejuvenation
    By working on the vaginal canal and muscles, the BTL Emsella therapy can be used to rejuvenate the vaginal opening. This aids in the elimination of the causes and symptoms of vaginal itching and provides relief to the patient in a timely manner.
  • Venus Fiora
    Using radiofrequency technology, the vaginal canal receives mild heat, which proves to be an efficient process for raising moisture levels in the vagina. This procedure improves the elasticity and strength of the vaginal muscles, which can help to treat the underlying causes of vaginal itching and provide relief to the patient.
In addition to these treatments, we also recommend the following tips which can help to keep the vaginal region clear of itching:
  • Ensure that you wash and clean the vaginal region often in a day.
  • Strictly restrict the use of any perfumed products near the vagina.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing made of cotton.

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