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Tummy Tuck Procedure in Gurgaon

Tummy tuck’ or abdominoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery for removing loose skin and excess fat from the abdomen. Surgery improves the shape of the abdomen and tone the underlying abdominal muscles.
The problem of loose skin arises when people lose weight quickly and excess skin is not able to retract itself or snap back as it should. Other reasons are post pregnancy or aging effects or hernias involving the belly button and significant abdominal wall muscle separation after pregnancy. This typically causes difficulties with tight-fitting clothing, social embarrassment and hygiene problems.
All these problems can be improved/corrected with a well-planned tummy tuck procedure in Gurgaon.
This is a cosmetic or reconstructive treatment with the aim to improve appearance, correct structural defects/ abnormalities and improve the contour of the abdomen. Also, any muscle separation and herniation is also corrected; the result is a narrower waistline appropriate for your body size.
About the procedure
There are different types of tummy tuck techniques due to variability in the degree of muscle weakness and overall contour problem.
‘Full abdominoplasty’ is performed under general anaesthesia in fully accredited hospitals. The tummy tuck procedure takes around 3 hours. In the standard procedure, the belly button is cut around and freed from the skin, which is pulled down to allow maximal removal. The remaining skin of the tummy above the belly button is lifted all the way to the rib cage, and the belly button is cut out and left where it was originally. The tummy muscles (rectus muscles) are tightened and their separation repaired. The skin is then pulled tight, and the belly button takes a new position on the tummy skin. This procedure allows for the abdominal muscles to be tightened full length and produces a beautiful flat appearance to the tummy.
There is a procedure called ‘mini tummy tuck’ wherein a smaller incision is made along the groin crease. The key purpose of this surgery is not to remove skin and fat, but to correct deformed muscles and improve core strength. This will involve less surgery time of about 1-2 hours and less hospital length stay.
Do I need a full or mini tummy tuck?
Patients who need to fix their rectus muscle; mini tummy tuck is recommended by La Midas. If you have a lot of loose skin, full abdominoplasty is the solution for you. Full or mini tummy tuck procedure in Gurgaon is available at La Midas by expert sergeons.
Recovery period
Post-surgery, patients usually will need 2-3 weeks off work, depending on the extent of your surgery. It usually takes up to 6 weeks to fully recover from surgery.
What are the potential risks and complications?
Risks and complications specific to abdominoplasty include:
  • Visible and prominent scarring, poor healing, asymmetry of the abdominal region etc. Risk associated with surgical procedure:
  • Infection, bruising, bleeding at site, allergic reactions to anaesthesia, pain and discomfort.
Do you need another surgery in future?
Mostly, this treatment is a one time go and does not require another surgery. However in rare case, additional surgery may be required to correct any defects.
To maintain long-lasting results, experts recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet.

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