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Your skin is naturally beautiful, clean, and bright. But the constant exposure and contact with pollution, extreme weather conditions, and other harmful atmospheric elements affect your skin adversely. These elements cause irritation, blemishes, and overproduction of oil and make your skin look dull. It also affects your complexion and makes it darker and uneven. Your skin can get patchy not only on the face but also on the other part of the body. Toning is a procedure that rectifies all the imperfections and provides evenly fair skin. A uniform, fairer and brighter skin tone offers the necessary boost to accelerate progress to triumph.
Persistent battle with the environmental elements makes your skin dull, tarnished, and also disturbs the pH balance of your skin. If not toned, these can become the reason for many other skin related problems.
Skin toning helps you to achieve a clear even complexion by deep cleaning, resurfacing and maintain the correct pH for your skin. It removes the unsafe elements form your skin making it looks fresher, tighter and brighter the skin tone. Your skin becomes more receptive to the nourishment. Toning is required most of the body areas that are more often exposed to sun, dirt, and other harmful elements.
The treatments are targeted to remove dead and damaged skin cells, let your skin breath, and make it naturally lighter, clearer, and even in tone.
Anyone who is interested in thorough cleansing and resurfacing can take up toning procedures. It targets the affected skin areas on your body and removes the damaged unwanted skin. The procedure is recommended mostly to the people having problems related to skin tone. These problems often include melasma, chloasma, liver spots, age spots, and issues related to discoloration. Precise identification of these issues is critical in the success of the toning treatment which is why you must get it done by professional experts like La Midas. La Midas team is proficient and skilled and suggests the treatment that would assure the best outcomes for you. We carefully observe the physical symptoms on your skin along with your medical and family history before concluding on the most appropriate treatment. Our treatment ensures perfectly toned skin with golden radiance. The toning treatments that we offer are flexible and are adjusted to rightly fit into your requirements and unique skin characteristics. Our team would discuss with you every detail related to the treatment and would answer all your queries and address your anxieties with patience. We ensure that you feel safe and comfortable. The results are aimed to induce positivity and energy in you to take over the world and shine bright.
Toning is a common cosmetic procedure that includes various methods, all of which are targeted to improve your skin properties. Looking at the broader picture toning methods can be classified into two ways, surgical and non-surgical, and lifestyle and medicine based.
  • Lifestyle based methods
    An important aspect of skincare is mindful eating and healthy habits. Taking a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and protein help in minimizing the skin problems. So refraining from habits like smoking and alcohol with proper hydration can keep your skin healthy and young for a longer time. It also includes natural homemade masks and packs which tighten your skin and remove blemishes.
  • Medicine based
    Often proper care could not protect your skin and you require consulting a professional. Medicinal toning treatments encompass prescribed creams or medicines including supplements.
  • Surgical toning
    These skin-toning methods involve incisions to rectify irregularities and make your skin appear tight, stiff, and younger-looking.
  • Non-surgical toning
    These methods use newer technology to rectify the irregularities without surgery. These are the most popular methods which ensure a speedy recovery and long-lasting results.
La Midas Recommendations
La Midas offers inclusive skincare treatments that can address a wide range of issues. It is important to select a procedure or a combination of procedures that is optimal for your skin type, suits your skin texture and color and provides the expected outcomes. Our team of experts will assist you to make your decision about the treatment, conduct the procedure with precision in a hygienic and compassionate environment. You will leave the clinic with looking brighter and fairer than ever.
  • Topical solutions
    The pharmacies are swamped with topical cleansing and whitening creams and serums. You can opt for the one that goes with your skin type. However, these topical creams and serums provide a temporary solution.
  • Laser therapy
    It is the most effective and popular method these days that rejuvenate your skin and make it lighter long-lastingly.
  • Chemical peeling
    This process must be performed by specialists as it involves the usage of chemical acids to remove the top layer of the skin. The inner layer that is unleashed is spotless, healthier and lighter in complexion.

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