Thread Lifts
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Thread Lifts

During facial aging a series of physical and biochemical changes leading to tissue hypertrophy, sagginess, and wrinkles takes place not only at the level of the skin, but also at the level of fatty tissues, muscle and so on. One of these changes is a decrease in the volume and elasticity of the tissue due to an alteration in collagen fibre formation. Thread Lifting is the modern technology for facial tightening.
What is the Thread lift procedure and how it works?
Thread lift is a non- surgical procedure for a facelift and is also known as lunchtime one hour facelift.
Primarily thread lifts is carried out for:
  • Lifting and redefining the facial contours,
  • Restoring aging facial concerns by stimulating collagen in a gradual manner
The use of thread lift is meant to prevent tissue sagginess and reinforce the soft tissues of the face. In this procedure the sagging facial skin is lifted with the help of special absorbable threads without making a cut or incisions on the face. The physical and chemical configuration of thread lift will allow facial tissue repositioning by exerting traction on the soft tissue of the face, while, at the same time, new collagen fibers form around its structure.
Am I a suitable candidate for this treatment?
Thread lift works best for the loose skin of the face, cheek, nasolabial folds, neck and jaw-line. Patients with mild to moderate facial laxity between the age of 30- 50 years are suitable candidates for the thread lift.
Which areas can be treated with threads lifting?
This advanced, non-invasive treatment can be used to treat various parts of the face and neck such as eyebrows, cheeks, jaw-line and malar area naturally and effectively.
What are the advantages of the thread lifting procedure?
It is an excellent alternative to traditional surgical facelifts and gives instant results. It is an out-patient procedure and no admission is required. It is performed under local anesthesia.
It takes only about 30 minutes to an hour to complete a thread lift.

What are the side effects of a Thread Lift treatment?
The bruising or swelling the patients may experience is less than a traditional facelift. Patients are advised to avoid smoking for a few weeks before the procedure and to stop taking any aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid excessive bleeding during the thread lift procedure.
How long does Thread Lift last?
The results of thread lift treatment delivers long-lasting results up to 12-24 months.

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