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Thigh Lift

Thigh contour deformities, and in particular those of the medial thighs, are a frequent concern for individuals seeking body contouring. It is usually secondary to weight loss and is often associated with a prior pregnancy. Thigh lift will help you achieve attractive and firm thighs.
What is thighplasty?
Thigh lift includes the removal of excess loose skin and fat to reshape, tone, and firm the upper leg. It is a combination of the liposuction & excisional procedure where the liposuction is used as an adjunct to soft tissue excisional procedure.
During the first consultation of the patient a careful assessment of the medial thigh skin & fat excess and the variables outside the medial thighs potentially contributing to the deformity like soft tissue excess along the lower abdomen, mons pubis, hips, lateral thighs, and buttocks is done and discussed with the patient. A customized patient-specific plan is then devised for the correction of the problem.
What happens during a thighplasty procedure?
Thighplasty takes about 2-3 hours and is usually performed under general anaesthesia. Incisions for this procedure can vary greatly, so a surgeon will consult with the patient to ensure incisions are made in the most effective manner for each particular case.
For a thigh lift, the surgeon will mark the thighs before surgery while the patient is standing.
The scar in this procedure is oriented both vertically and horizontally. The goal of this technique is to have the vertical scar lie along the medial aspect of the thigh and the scar line should be hidden and not visible from the front or back while standing. The horizontal scar from the surgery is also hidden in the groin crease, beneath the bikini line.
Dressings are removed after 48hours of the surgery and the shower is allowed.
Patients should plan to take seven to 10 days off work to recover. Bruising and swelling are usually gone within a month and patients are able to return to all normal activities within four to six weeks.
What are the complications related to treatment?
The complications following medial thigh lifts are – skin dehiscence, seroma formation, wound infection, hematoma, etc. One may experience numbness, pain, bruising, or swelling around operated areas. These symptoms are temporary and subside within a few days.
Recovery and aftercare:
Recovery time depends on the extent of the procedure, although most patients experience minimal pain that is alleviated with medication. In all cases, patients should rest as much as possible and avoid leg movement. Patients are advised to avoid abducting their thigh beyond 450 to avoid tension over the suture line.
At La Midas, we provide personalized body contouring solutions for the problems of unnecessary body fat and skin laxity. Our body contouring solutions will help you regain the perfect shape of your body.

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