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Tattoo Removal

The tattoo is the new millennial trend. Tattoos are constantly gaining popularity, especially among youth. In addition to being a fashion symbols, tattoos have become the most chosen way of expressing a variety of emotions. You may endure and flaunt tattoos to project your personality or some aspect of your life. However, owing to diverse reasons, you may want to remove or alter a tattoo. There are several methods of tattoo removal which can help you alter or eliminate these permanent marks to embrace the changes in your choices and life as a whole.
Over time you may want to remove a tattoo or would like to replace it with another one. Also, your taste gets changed with age which can also lead to a decision of getting a tattoo erased. Earlier tattoos were considered permanent and unalterable. But with the advancement of technology, treatments are available to remove tattoos both partially and fully.
Tattoos are created by inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin which changes the pigmentation of the skin. Different types of inks in different colors are used to create these designer patterns. For this reason, methods to remove a tattoo differ according to the ink type, and color.
You may want to remove and alter your tattoo for various reasons. These reasons include a change in profession, lightening of the tattoo, change in trend or personal choice, and aesthetics. In addition to your motivation, tattoo removal requires several analyses and examinations on a clinical basis before settling a plan of action. At La Midas, our experts study your skin type and your tattoo in detail and conclude with the finest method to be followed. Besides, to complete pain-free removal of the tattoo, we also make efforts to ensure improved skin with a gold-like glow that will motivate you to be a winner in life.
Depending upon the purpose, the tattoos broadly fall into the following three categories.
  • Decorative
    These tattoos are created only for aesthetic purposes and generally do not represent any specific thing or aspect.
  • Symbolic
    These tattoos are created to portray a specific aspect of someone’s life. They usually have meaning to the wearer.
  • Pictorial
    Tattoos which depicts someone or something that is often relevant to the wearer in some are pictorial tattoos.
The term tattoo removal has been around for as long as the tattoos are. There has been significant growth in the medical/cosmetic technology owing to which there are many ways to remove tattoos. These methods broadly fall into two classes.
  • Invasive
    Invasive procedures are also primitive procedures. The tattoo is removed by surgery. By making a small slight incision the upper layer of the skin is removed. They are suitable for all types of ink and tattoo color.
  • Non-invasive
    These methods are more recent. They used various technologies like laser, freezing, etc to remove the tattoo.
La Midas Recommendations
At La Midas, tattoo removal is considered a sophisticated cosmetic procedure. A team of skilled professionals analyze all the pertinent factors and suggest a procedure that will not only remove the tattoo but also improve your skin overall characteristics.
  • Laser removal technique
    The laser treatment is done with the help of a Q-switched laser which releases a single powerful pulse of energy. A special Q-switched laser can be used if you have a darker skin tone. This prevents permanent change in skin pigment. The powerful energy of the laser heats and breaks the ink of the tattoo. In case you have a multicolored tattoo, multiple lasers with varying wavelengths may be used. The process may require several sessions for complete removal. This method is very popular as it is painless and remove the tattoo effectively.
  • Surgical tattoo removal
    Surgical removal is most suitable for small tattoos. The tattoo is scrapped away with the help of a scalpel. The skin edges are then stitched back together. It may require you to apply antibacterial ointments to assist and promote healing.
  • Dermabrasion
    This method requires sanding down the tattooed skin to deeper levels. The tattoo is then leached out of the skin by treating it with a high-speed rotary device with an abrasive brush at the end.

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