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Stress Management Chiro
Chiropractic care identifies the interferences and stressors of chronic stress and reduces or removes them, permitting your body for harnessing your innate power to recover itself. Here’s all you need to know.
We provide chiropractic care to manage your chronic stress which includes low-grade, festering stressors. We broadly categorise chronic stress into:
Physical stress
Chronic stress enhances chronic inflammation which drives several diseases. This may impact the tendons, ligaments and discs around your spine. This causes pain, creating spinal problems worsening far beyond the spine. Any instance (physically demanding work, injuries, etc.) where your body becomes maladjusted, misused and mistreated can become a physical stressor, intervening with innate processes.
Chemical stress
Cosmetics, cleaning products, medications and also the water and food consumed are filled with environmental toxins. These produce an immediate cumulative effect and keep your skin, digestive tract and lungs on constant alert, causing low-grade stress to your body.
Emotional stress
Chronic stress also affects emotional and mental health, showing up as mood disturbances like irritability, depression and anxiety. Emotional stress may also affect your concentration, memory, sex drive and other capacities.
For relieving most of the symptoms of your stress, our chiropractor will make chiropractic adjustments of your spine as it’s the root of your nervous system. Our adjustments will activate your parasympathetic system and calm your recovery reaction. Moreover, these will correct alignment, promote blood circulation and relieve muscular tension and pain. All these effects together heal your stress symptoms that will remarkably reduce your feelings of stress.
The 4 types of methods we use for lowering your stress through chiropractic treatment are:
  • Lowering muscle tension
    Efficient body functioning relies on a balanced structure of bone and muscle. If a part of this structure is damaged, it impacts all its surrounding parts. Similarly, if a part of your spine gets compromised, it weakens all nearby muscles. This imbalance causes numerous effects as other muscles contract for compensating. Suppose, a spinal issue can cause an aching and kneading shoulder. Our chiropractic adjustments will take off excess pressure from overworked muscles, restore balance to the body and ease your pain.
  • Making spinal adjustments
    Your spine communicates everything with your brain including breathing and swallowing actions. Stress leads to tension at your spine which is the backbone of your whole neurological system. Our chiropractor will adjust your spine for restoring it to normal functioning. After these adjustments, you would fall less sick and have greater energy for doing your work.
  • Counselling on good nutrition
    If you love food, you may feel that food helps lower stress. But it actually causes stress on your already tired body. So proper nutrition is a foundation to maintain overall health. Our chiropractor will counsel you on good nutrition such as supplements your body requires and is lacking.
  • Offering relaxation techniques
    Sometimes, you may get stressed about trying to relax regarding whether you’re doing it the correct manner. Besides showing you the correct posture to sit for relaxing, our chiropractor will also tell you other relaxation methods for reducing your stress levels. He will also counsel you on overall wellness including lifestyle changes and the management of anxiety before it grows into depression.
La Midas Recommendations
At La Midas, we recommend you the following top relaxation techniques:
  • Meditation
    Meditate amidst greenery, inhaling the fresh air (or listening to some soothing music) to lighten your mind and body.
  • Breathing exercises
    Inhale slowly counting to 6, extending the stomach. For a 4-count, sustain your breath and release through the mouth, counting to 6 again. Repeat it 3-5 times.
  • Release muscle tension
    Practice progressive muscle relaxation. Through each muscle group, work your way, beginning at your head or feet. Tense the muscle for a 5-count, release, wait for 30 seconds and move to your next muscle group.
  • Soothing sounds
    Listen to soft instrumental music and soothing nature sounds for relaxing your body and mind.

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