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Skin Tags
We all try to uphold our smooth and soft skin all through our lives by following a healthy diet, habits, and regular skincare routine. However, we all come across some of the other skin issues which make it difficult to maintain the perfectness of our skin. Some of these issues are caused due to external environmental factors while others have their underlying cause developed within our body. One such issue is skin tags which can emerge anywhere on the body. Development in science has found the resolve to most of these problems including skin tags. These solutions are safe, give you clean and clear skin and turn out to be the first stepping stone for your success.
Skin tags are harmless growths but may be irksome. These tags are common bumps on the skin which develop in the form of small, soft benign skin growth that is dark flesh-colored attached to the skin surface by a stalk.
Middle-aged people or persons with obesity are more likely to have skin tags. Also if you are living with diabetes, pregnancy, or sex steroid imbalance, etc your chances of getting skin tags are higher than others. Although skin tags can develop anywhere on the skin, they are most common in the areas where your skin gets rubbed with skin or clothes like the neck, armpits, upper chest, buttocks fold, and groin folds. These usually affect adults but babies and children who are plump may also get skin tags.
Skin tags are common. A major section of the population experiences skin tags at some point in time in their lives. If you are also one of those, La Midas is your ultimate resolve. While skin tags are not grave, they can be bothering in joints and folds in daily routine work. At La Midas, we consider skin tags, not just a cosmetic concern but interference to your otherwise perfect skin. We aspire to rejuvenate your skin to induce positivity and fanaticism in your life. Skin tags are detected by their appearance and you can develop from one to hundreds of them. We team minutely observe their appearance and frequency of growth to choose the treatment that can give you clear skin as perfect as gold.
Skin tags can be best treated if their exact type and characteristics are known. Depending upon their severity and appearance they can be grouped into the following classes.
  • Regular skin tags
    These are the common skin tags that usually affect most of the people. These skin tags are painless but can be irritable at times.
  • Cancerous skin tags
    If your skin tag is painful and changing color, it is necessary to get it examined by your doctor as it can be cancerous. These skin tags can be removed surgically.
  • Thrombosed or clotted skin tags
    These skin tags can change color to purple or black. They can also be irritated if they do not receive adequate blood supply. Changed color or bleed should be immediately consulted with your doctor.
La Midas Recommendations
La Midas offers a variety of treatment options for skin tags. Our experts analyze your skin and other medical conditions in detail and recommend the best treatment to get rid of skin tags.
  • Over-the-counter solutions
    Many over-the-counter medicated solutions are available at pharmacies. These solutions are typically applied to the skin tags. They either freeze or dry up the tags and make them fall after around seven to ten days. However, based on the location you may also choose one of the surgical methods with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime for their removal.
  • Cauterization
    This process is based on the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis is used to heat and burn off the skin tags.
  • Cryosurgery
    Cryosurgery is implemented by using a probe that contains liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen freezes the tag and makes it fall off. The method is used in other skin treatments also.
  • Ligation
    Another method is to interrupt the blood supply to the skin tag. This leads to the killing of the skin cells which can be eliminated easily.
  • Excision
    If the skin tag is hanging from the skin, they are cut off with the help of a scalpel.
  • Surgery
    In this method, the tag is spin at its base. The need for stitches depends on the size and location of the skin tag.

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