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Skin Brightening
Skin is one of the five organs of your body. But it is also something that represents us. Naturally radiant and glowing skin is what you need in your successful life. But factors like aging, hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, exposure to sun, dust; etc reduces the brightness of the skin and making it textured and unhealthy. You deserve soft and glowing skin and infection-free skin.
Skin Brightening is all about rejuvenating dry, dull, tired skin so it visibly looks refreshed, and healthy. It removes dull cells and reveals radiant and glowing skin. Skin brightening products are an integral part of combating aging and for a smooth even skin tone.
As we begin to age, the process of cell turnover begins to slow down drastically. When we are in our mid-30s the skin turnover rates slow down considerably to every 40 days as against every 28 days in teenagers. This results in an increasing number of dead skin cells. Long exposure to the sun also can damage the skin leading to patchy pigmentation and dark spots, making the skin older.
If you have different forms of dark blemishes or your skin is dull and lacks radiant glow then La Midas has got you covered. At La Midas, our team of experts can help you get brighter and even-toned skin that has a natural glow. We call this a golden touch similar to King Midas's which transforms your beauty both externally as well internally.
At La Midas, our team carries out an in-depth skin test to understand the cause of your pigmentation and its severity. Basis of the test a suitable pigmentation reduction system is advised. Our transformative solutions are aimed to remove dark spots, age spots leaving your skin all clear.
Blemishes on the skin can be of many types. Blemish is a word given to refer to any type of skin mark. The key to infection-free skin lies in knowing what type of blemish your skin has. The types are as follows:
  • Acne
    Acne is the most common condition and can further appear as pimples, whiteheads or blackheads.
  • Papules
    These occur when the walls surrounding the pores break down from inflammation. The skin is usually pink around the pores. They are around 1 centimeter in diameter.
  • Pustules
    They are similar to papules. The only difference is that pustules are filled with pus.
  • Nodules
    When clogged and swollen pores endure further irritation and grow larger nodules occur. These, generally, occur deep underneath the skin. They are generally 1 or 2 centimeters in diameter.
  • Cysts
    When pores are clogged by a combination of sebum, bacteria and dead cells, cysts can occur. They occur deep within the skin, much deeper than nodules.
  • Age spots
    They are a type of hyperpigmentation that can form in any area of the body which has been exposed to the sun. They are usually dark and small in size.
  • Ingrown hair
    Due to some hair removal techniques like shaving or waxing some hairs grow back and get trapped into the skin. This causes red bumps to form. These ingrown hairs can also turn into large ingrown hair cysts.
  • Melasma
    Melasma is a skin condition that causes brown patches. It is very common during pregnancy.
  • Birthmarks
    Birthmarks can differ in size, shape, color, and appearance. They occur either at birth or shortly afterward.
La Midas Recommendations
At La Midas, our team of dermatologists has developed systems and products that form part of your skincare regimen. Our products contain vital ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, alpha, and beta hydroxy acids and other compounds that help in lightening skin tone, offer anti-wrinkle benefits and reduce the prominence of freckles. You can take a variety of treatments for even-toned skin at La Midas.
  • Q-switched laser
    A laser that targets and breaks down melanin. Melanin is responsible for giving skin its color and protects it from the damaging effects of sun radiation. It is used widely to treat dark spots, pigmentation and even tattoo removal.
  • Glutathione
    Glutathione is a vital antioxidant. It plays a significant role in neutralizing free radicals. It is also known to restrict melanin production that can help in the treatment of dark spots and pigmentation which in turn gives an even-toned skin.
  • Derma Peels
    Chemical peels exfoliate the upper layers of the skin to reveal new skin that is healthier and smoother than the old one it replaces. It plays a vital role in diminishing the appearance of spots and pigmentation resulting in fair and clear skin.

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