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Laser Hair Reduction : Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair From Body

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Laser hair reduction treatment is a process where a concentrated beam of light is emitted to remove unwanted hair. The light targets the dark pigment in the hair follicle and destroys it. 

This process can be done on any area of the body and is most commonly used on the face, legs, and bikini line. It can take multiple sessions to achieve desired results. Laser hair reduction treatment is considered safe and effective for most people.

The treatment is quick and easy, and there is no downtime required afterwards. It is also FDA-cleared for all skin types. If you are interested in trying laser hair removal, please call us today to schedule a consultation.

About Laser Hair Reduction

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 Laser hair reduction is a technique that liberates you from these hairs for the longest time without hurting your skin. Silky smooth skin gives you the confidence to step out and conquer the world with grace. If you are looking for laser hair removal in Gurgaon, then you are on the right place only. Know the details and procedures of laser hair reduction treatment at La Midas and why you should choose us and why we are the most recommended clinic for laser hair removal in Gurgaon.

Generally, hair grows almost all over the body in both men and women which hold back the charm of your otherwise ideal skin. Also with the offset of puberty, you experience increased growth of hairs in genital areas. Removal of these hairs is important for better hygiene. In recent times with rising awareness, most people like to remove hair from their body especially women. You may wish to remove your body hairs for aesthetic, cultural, social, sexual, professional, or medical reasons.

Laser hair Reduction Treatments

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Laser hair reduction for lips has become a popular alternative to traditional liposuction procedures. This procedure uses intense laser light to break down the melanin in the skin, causing it to reduce in size. 


Laser hair reduction for the chin is a popular procedure that can help reduce the amount of hair on your chin. It is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair, and most people who have it are very happy with the results.


Laser hair reduction for arms is a popular treatment that can help remove unwanted hair from various parts of the body. It is a safe and effective treatment that can be used on both men and women. Laser hair reduction for arms is not only a cosmetic procedure, but it can also reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture.


Laser hair reduction for legs is a popular treatment option that allows people to remove unwanted hair from their legs. The laser treatment works by targeting the hair follicles and destroying them. This leaves the skin smooth and free of unruly hairs.


Bikini laser hair removal is one of the most common treatments, and it is considered to be one of the most effective methods for reducing hair. The laser uses a high-intensity beam of light to destroy the hair follicles, and it is effective at removing all types of hair.

Under Arms

Underarm laser hair reduction is a popular treatment for those seeking to reduce unwanted hair. It is a noninvasive and safe treatment that uses lasers to remove hair from specific areas of the body.


Laser hair reduction for the back can be a very effective treatment for people who are dealing with unwanted hair. With careful treatment, laser hair reduction for the back can help to remove both small and large areas of unwanted hair. In most cases, laser treatment will also result in a smoother skin tone.

Eye Brow Shaping

Laser hair reduction for eye brow shaping is a popular and effective procedure that can help to reduce the amount of hair on your face. The laser specifically targets the hair follicles, which reduces the amount of hair on your face. The procedure is relatively painless and can be done in an outpatient setting.

Ear lobe Hair Reduction

There are many reasons why someone may want to remove ear lobe hair. Some people prefer a more natural look, others dislike the appearance of hair on their ear lobes, and still others may have allergies or skin conditions that make hair on the ear lobe problematic. Whatever the reason, there are several methods for removing ear lobe hair.

Beard Shaping

Laser hair reduction is a popular and effective method for beard trimming. It removes unwanted hair, leaving behind a smoother, more refined beard. The procedure is relatively painless.

Types Of Laser Hair Reduction

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Depilation method

These methods remove the hairs only to the skin level. The results last for a few hours or a few days. Methods include shaving, trimming, and depilatories.

Epilation method

These methods uproot the hairs and give results which last from few days to few weeks. Methods like waxing, threading, sugaring, etc are epilation methods.

Permanent removal

These methods act on the hair follicles and destroy them to prohibit further growth of hairs. The results are permanent and last for many years, nearly a lifetime in most cases. Laser hair removal falls under this category.

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Laser hair reduction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It works by removing unwanted hair from the skin using a laser beam. The light from the laser passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle, which causes it to be killed. The result is smooth, clear skin.
The answer is Yes. If it is done by an expert dermatologist by using the right equipment, technology, and techniques to achieve the required results.
There are minimal side effects of laser hair reduction treatment. Some people can experience temporary redness or itching of the skin immediately after treatment. These side effects usually last within a few hours. Side effects also can be minimized by applying aloe vera to the skin.
This depends on the size of the treated area, the time required for the treatment, and the number of sessions required to reduction unwanted hair.
The procedure only affects the hair follicles and does not involve the skin. The skin may be swollen or red after the procedure but these side effects will not last. Laser hair reduction does not leave scars.
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