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Root Preserve Therapy

There are various breakthrough treatments and remedies available for hair fall ranging from the mild to the extreme. Advanced treatment for roots deeply penetrates into the roots to target and strengthen hair follicles and further promotes permanent natural hair growth.
La Midas offers a premium root preserve therapy especially for the severe persistent hair fall.
What is the premium root preserve therapy?
It is a perfect combination of all the latest available therapies for hair fall like Advanced HGS, Microneedling, Low-level Laser Therapy, and Growth Factors Infusion. The beauty of the therapy lies in the fact that it acts against all the factors responsible for the hair fall.
How exactly do these combinational therapies work?
The HGS therapy is a therapy that uses a patient’s own blood cells to promote regrowth in the area of thinning and hair loss, reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicles, and provide textural improvements.
Low-level laser/light therapy (LLLT) generally utilizes non-thermal effects of low-intensity light at red or near-infrared wavelengths to alter biological activity in cells, termed photobiomodulation or photo biostimulation.
LLLT appears to stimulate anagen(growth phase) re-entry of telogen (resting phase) hair follicles and prolong the duration of the anagen phase(growth phase). The modulation of the hair cycle reveals an increase in hair density and diameter as well as a decrease of hair shedding, resulting in clinical improvement of alopecia.
Micro-needling helps in the better penetration of the HGS, increases the blood circulation around the root of the hair follicles, also causes activation of stem cells in the hair bulge, which helps to increase delivery of nutrients & oxygen to the hair follicles also making the hair thicker, stronger & healthier.
The use of various FDA approved Growth factors when combined with the above therapies works wonders for the overall health of the hair follicles and decreases hair fall.
What to expect from the treatment?
The complete treatment involves multiple sessions but the clients start to notice the results from the first session onwards. The treatment will drastically improve your hair texture, leaving you with gorgeous and healthy-looking hair.
So if you are really worried about your severe and persistent hair fall Root preserve therapy is your answer to this problem.
Post treatment care:
  • After the therapy is done, you have to make sure that you do not put any stress on your hair roots.
  • Avoid excessive use of harsh shampoo & hair conditioner
  • Avoid specific hair loss to avoid traction on your hair roots.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to keep their hair scalp as well as hair healthy.
  • Avoid excessive use of hot rollers, hot oil treatments, excessive perming and dyeing of hair.
  • After the procedure, your hair scalp may require some external serums & nutrients for home care . At La Midas, our doctors will prescribe certain hair products as per your hair condition.

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