Root Preserve Therapy
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Root Preserve Therapy
Why Root Preserve Therapy?
Hair loss is something which makes one feel old and about which most of us are concerned about. Thus, to avoid hair fall or to regrow the losing hair, we have the process of root preserve therapy. We work on the roots of the hair using the laser to ensure that hair is regrown from the areas of pattern baldness. The therapy will activate the cells which are responsible for hair growth. Root preserve therapy can be a solution to both, male as well as female pattern baldness.
Proper hair growth requires a good amount of blood as well as oxygen circulation in the hair scalp to ensure hair growth. This therapy is done by projecting laser on our hair scalp which results in the regeneration of cell follicles. It will ensure that blood circulates properly in the hair scalp and hence will regrow the hair. This therapy is also used to make hair thicker and stronger. This entire process can be done in a short period of time. One will also not experience any kind of pain during this therapy.
Post Procedure:
It might take a month for you to see the results. This basically depends on the ability of your hair scalp to regrow the hair. After the therapy is done, you have to make sure that you do not put any stress on your hair roots. Else, this may cause damage to your hair and you may not get the desired outcomes. Hair products should be only used as prescribed by doctors. After the procedure, your hair scalp may require some external nutrients which are provided by these hair products. If said so by the doctor, one should avoid spending more time in the direct sunlight to keep their hair scalp as well as hair healthy.

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