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You are as beautiful as vibrant your skin is. Having smooth radiant skin only makes you look good it also makes you feel good. It keeps your heydays alive and lets you steer your life with enthusiasm. But your skin also ages as you move forward in life. Time plays its role and makes your skin look loose and saggy. Irrespective of the constantly ticking clock, rejuvenation procedures can amazingly bring your charm back. You can regain your youthful skin and keep moving forward with youthful energy and vibe.
Revitalization is a process that lets you live your springtime even in the later years of your life. It elevates your prominence and helps you turn to head in social get-togethers.
The revitalization is a process of rejuvenating your skin to fix the irregularities of the skin and give you a fresh and sparkling new experience. It helps you to re-acquire the best version of your skin that might have been taken over by irregularities. Over time collagen production in your body reduces which gives rise to several cosmetic issues that are attributed to aging. Many indiscretions challenge your skin like wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, etc. Revitalization procedures improve the skin appearance not only on the face but also on other areas of your body.
In addition to aging, factors like lifestyle, diet, heredity and personal habits also contribute to these aging issues. At La Midas, we embrace a comprehensive approach for revitalization. Besides the rectification of irregularities, our procedures are designed to bring a golden glow on your skin. Our team works to not only revitalize your skin but also renew your enthusiasm to pursue your dreams with passion. Revitalization is a set of procedures that rectify a wide range of impairments in your skin that come with aging. The following are some prominent types of skin aging conditions.
Wrinkles: These are the most common sign of aging that is formed due to loss of skin flexibility.
Dry skin: Loss of oil glands which are responsible to keep your skin moist is the primary cause of dry skin. Sometimes it may also cause because of medical conditions like diabetes, kidney or liver diseases, etc.
Age spots: These spots appear due to excessive influence of UV rays especially in adult years.
Pigmentation: It is also associated with excessive exposure to sunlight. It darkens the skin in patches giving an uneven tone to the skin.
Loosened skin: Due to a lack of collagen production skin tend to become loose. It is most apparent on face and neck. The skin drops and looks slumped.
Transparent or thinned skin: With age, your skin may become thinner. This leads to the visible veins that appear like a spider web on your skin.
Revitalization procedures address all these aging problems. A large range of procedures is available which are rough categories as following.
  • Mechanical procedures
    These procedures are implemented with the help of mechanical instruments. These instruments are used to scrape off the damaged skin to unleash the younger-looking skin.
  • Chemical procedures
    Chemicals are used as masks or used in injections to provide you a renewed and fresher skin.
  • Junctional Melanocytic Nevi
    These moles appear at the junction of dermis and epidermis skin layers.
  • Intradermal Nevi
    They are located in the middle skin layer and blend with the surrounding skin.
La Midas Recommendations
La Midas is dedicated to providing you the supreme quality treatment that repairs your conditions and meets your expectations. Our experts would suggest the most appropriate action to revitalize your skin with the best results and fast recovery.
  • Laser resurfacing
    A targeted low-level laser is used to remove the aged layer of the skin to bring fresh and new skin better toned, tighter, and glowing.
  • Chemical resurfacing
    This method includes the removal of the outer skin layer by using acid peels. These peels are used in different combinations based on skin type and expected outcomes.
  • Mechanical ablation
    Mechanical ablation is a set of surgical scraping methods like dermabrasion and derma-planting. These methods soften the irregularities on the skin surface.
  • Derma fillers
    Your skin tends to lose volume with age. Derma fillers are popularly opted for treatment to improve skin contours. Compounds are injected into the skin to give it a fuller appearance.
  • Botox
    Botox is a very popular procedure adopted by many elite personalities to lift the aging skin and get a revitalized look. Injections are used to insert vital protein into the skin to give it the youthful volume.
  • Spider vein treatment
    This method is used to collapse the surface veins using injections. This lessens the prominence of the spider veins.
  • Facelift and neck lift
    These are surgical processes. Fine incisions are made near to the ears or at the chin to cut the upper skin layer. The skin is pulled back and up and appears to tighten after the treatment.
  • Liposuction
    This process is used mostly in conjunction with lifting procedures. It involves the removal of excess fat that helps to improve the sagging skin. This procedure can be performed surgically or with energy aided methods.

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