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Today, physiotherapy is being seen as a wholesome treatment for those who require restoration and maintenance of their body functions. As a treatment, it aims to provide complete well being to those whose body mobility has been affected due to one or more reasons. It is a type of physical rehabilitation program which seeks to prevent injury and lend complete health and fitness among those impacted with damage to a body part.
Some of the common problems that a physiotherapist treats are pains in the neck and back, problems in the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments and pelvic issues, or a disability that could result from one or more health conditions.
A trained physiotherapist will first get to know about your medical history, then assess and diagnose your condition to set a treatment plan for you. You will need to undergo a course of exercises with the specialist during this time so that the results of the treatment can be achieved.
Reach out to the experts at La Midas for a complete assessment of your condition and a targeted treatment plan which helps to restore your body functions and improves your mobility. You can trust these experts to provide the best diagnosis for your condition.

La Midas - The Complete Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Centre
The vision for LAMIDAS emerged out of the love and support received by the people of Gurgaon to Neelkanth Group of Hospitals.

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