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This facial used intense pulse light laser to increase the number of collagens in your inner this. This would ensure the formation of new skin by replacing the older one. It would result in a decrease in the number of acne. Apart from this, skin redness, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, and brown spots can also be treated using an IPL laser. Hence, this is a perfect treatment for the people having a number of skin problems as they can get rid of all of them under a single treatment.
  • Treatment:

    Before imposing your skin to laser, a layer of gel will be out on your skin and you will be given a pair of goggles. This will ensure that your skin and eyes are safe from the direct laser. On starting the treatment, a laser will be applied to your skin after which you may feel a hot sensation which is quite normal. This treatment is done in multiple sittings but is finished in a month

  • How to Prepare For The Treatment?

    For the photo facial treatment, one needs to be tan free. If there is tanning on your face, then the laser machine will not be able to recognize your acne as well as blemishes accurately and hence you may not get the best results. Thus, to ensure so, you can apply the necessary cosmetics and should also avoid direct contact from the sun for a long time. Moreover, you should also avoid consumption of alcohol before some days of the treatment.

  • Benefits:

    Photofacial is a treatment that has a high success rate and no risk when performed at La Midas. This is a painless medical facial that does not cause any harm to your upper skin. At the end of this treatment, you will get smoother, glowing and healthy skin.

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