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PCOS, Polycystic ovary syndrome is caused when the ovaries are swelled up. The swollen ovaries cause disbalance in the secretion of reproductive hormones. About 10% of women get PCOS anytime after their pubic age. Women suffering from PCOS often come across missing of their menstrual cycle as well as are unpredictable about it. Basically, PCOS is caused due to high levels of male reproductive hormones that are produced by the ovaries. It is the reason behind the irregular menstrual cycle as well as excessive hair.

The treatment for PCOS depends on your symptoms and other medical tests. There is no complete cure for PCOS but one can surely get control over their symptoms and get relief. Thus, it becomes important that you visit a good doctor to treat the same and take medications regularly. There are a number of satisfied customers who have gone through the treatment and are presently living a better life since their symptoms have shown good relief.

Table of Contents:

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  1. What is PCOS? What are the Causes of PCOS?
  2. What are the common symptoms of PCOS?
  3. Is it possible to achieve a successful pregnancy while going through PCOS?
  4. How is PCOS diagnosed?
  5. What is the cost of PCOS treatment in Gurgaon?
  6. How to evaluate the best gynecologist near you?

1. Let’s begin with: What is PCOS?

As discussed earlier, PCOS is a condition when the ovaries of women get swelled up. It causes a number of problems including malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle. We often see that women suffering from PCOS have anxiety and depression. Thus, it affects physical health as well as the mental health of a woman. Since there is malfunctioning in the menstrual cycle, women having PCOS also come across infertility, which is an inability to get pregnant. This happens because the egg does not develop or get released from the ovaries. Thus, the egg is not able to properly fuse with the sperm and hence causing the problem in pregnancy. Also, the secretion of male hormones like androgens is also the reason behind PCOS. The symptoms due to the same are seen in women. Hence, PCOS is a disorder related to the ovaries of a woman and causes hormonal disbalance.

What are the Causes of PCOS?

Generally, women having PCOS have greater chances of having diabetes. Either they will have diabetes before having PCOS disorder or will have diabetes after it. Thus, this indicates that access to insulin level is the reason for having PCOS. Access to insulin level causes difficulty in ovulation. PCOS can also occur due to the physical health of a woman. If she is obese, then there are greater chances of getting the disorder. When your body gets infected and if the bacteria associated with that infection attack your ovaries, then you will get the disorder. People having a weak immune system are unable to fight with those infections and hence get infected with such kinds of disorders. Hence, low-grade inflammation is also the reason for PCOS.

When any of your family members, especially if your mother or sister is having PCOS, you are more likely to get the same. This is the kind of disorder that can be transferred to the next generation via genes. When there is an androgen, a male reproductive hormone present in women’s bodies, then this could be a major reason that causes PCOS. It is seen that women having a good level of androgen get facial hair as well as pattern baldness and other traits that males have. These excess levels of androgen cause difficulty in the release of the egg from the ovary. This causes problems in the occurrence of the menstrual cycle and the inability to be pregnant.


2. What are the common symptoms of PCOS?

There are a number of signs and symptoms that indicate that you have the disorder. When you notice any of the following, you must go for a checkup without failure. As discussed earlier, when a woman has diabetes at an early age of her life, there are 50% more chances of getting a PCOS disorder. The reason behind this is the excess insulin promotes the production of androgen in the body. When there is androgen more than a specific level in the body of a woman, they suffer from PCOS. Apart from having a high level of insulin, high blood pressure is also a symptom of suffering from PCOS.

Acne occurs when there is an unregulated change in hormonal levels in the body. We know that PCOS is related to hormonal change, and hence when women notice acne on their chest, back, and face, there may be chances that they are suffering from PCOS. As seen in males, when you notice thinning of your hair, scalp hair loss as well as pattern baldness, it indicates a higher level of androgen and implying that you may have PCOS disorder. There is the malfunctioning of ovaries when you have PCOS. The eggs from your ovaries are not able to come out of it easily and thus causing a lack of ovulation. This results in infertility and a woman are unable to get pregnant due to the same. Since there are problems faced in the menstrual cycle of a woman, abnormal uterine bleeding is also a common symptom for PCOS. As a part of physical abnormalities, a high cholesterol level is also the sign which indicates that you may have PCOS disorder. High cholesterol levels can also be accompanied by a sudden weight gain of your body.

3. Is it possible to achieve a successful pregnancy while going through PCOS?

We have discussed that there are problems in pregnancy if a woman is suffering from PCOS. But still, a woman can achieve a successful pregnancy following the below-listed points. As we have seen, being overweight is also a symptom and cause of the disorder. But if women make efforts and start to lose their weight, there are high chances that they might be able to restart their ovulation again. This can be done by following a strict diet followed by a regular heavy exercise. Another way to treat pregnancy can also be to get diabetes back under control. This will make the insulin levels to normal and will also ensure that androgen also gets secreted in a controlled way. Hence, this can be achieved by Metformin Treatment. These are the oral medications that can be used to control your diabetes and hence be able to get pregnant.

Another way to get over PCOS is to bring the hormonal changes under control. If they are under control, there are high chances that your ovaries will function properly and thus will be able to perform ovulation efficiently. This can be brought under control using Letrozole treatment. Problems related to ovulation can also be treated by Clomid treatment. Moreover, one of the most known methods for pregnancy while infertility is IVF and IVM. In this, the egg and the sperm are made to fuse outside the body under special as well as favorable conditions.

4. How is PCOS diagnosed?

The process of diagnosis usually depends on your symptoms. Initially, when you will visit a doctor, they will manually have a look at your reproductive organs and will try to identify the abnormality. After this is done, the blood test of the patient is done. If PCOS is due to the hormonal abnormalities, then it shall be diagnosed by the blood test reports. Apart from hormonal abnormalities, blood test reports also convey a lot about the health of your reproductive organ. High cholesterol levels can also be identified by a blood test.

Now, to have a look at your ovaries, doctors conduct an ultrasound test to get the complete image of the same. After getting the image, a doctor can look at the parts where there is swelling or other problems and then start the treatment accordingly. Hence, PCOS can be diagnosed in these three easy steps.

5. What is the cost of PCOS treatment in Gurgaon?

PCOS is quite essential treatment and hence one must not compromise in selecting the best doctor for the treatment due to higher costs. Usually, the cost of PCOS treatment differs from patient to patient as all of them have different problems in their ovaries and hence the cause will also differ on the same basis. Mostly, the entire treatment is done under Rs.15000/- as per the studies. The cost may sound higher than other treatments but the cost for this treatment is worth giving.

At La Midas, you will have a complete team of doctors which will ensure that the treatment takes place successfully and there are no other complications. Your health will be taken care of before, after as well as during the treatment of PCOS. The doctors will first have a look at your reports and they will tell you the best-estimated cost that would be required for the treatment. There are a number of customers who are satisfied with the cost and felt that the cost was worthy after their treatment was completed.

6. How to evaluate the best gynecologist near you?

There are a number of gynecologists in a town but not all of them are reliable as well as experienced for the PCOS treatment. Hence, when you are selecting a gynecologist for treatment, there are a number of points that you must keep in mind before finalizing one. You should look at a gynecologist which is well experienced and also who has good feedback from past patients. Health is one of the most important things and hence should not be compromised at any cost.

La Midas clinic is one of the best in the town for the PCOS treatment. They have a good team of doctors which will ensure minimal risk during the treatment and will provide you the best comfort. Apart from an efficient team, they also have the latest machines and tools to make sure that the treatment completes efficiently, without any errors. Moreover, the cost of treatment is also quite decent when we talk about the La Midas clinic. You will get the best results for sure since it lies in the hands of the practitioner. Therefore, one must get the treatment of PCOS by Dr. Pankhuri Garg who is the best gynecologist in Gurgaon.

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