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Mommy Makeover

During and post pregnancy, a woman's body goes through major changes leaving her with sagging of breasts, extra weight gain, extra fat accumulation on buttocks, tummy, arms, hips and thighs, and fatigued genital area. Many women tend to focus on getting their youthful bodies back with diet and exercise, but these lifestyle changes aren’t enough. The mommy makeover aims to correct most of these areas to help you reverse the clock.
Mommy Makeover is a cosmetic procedure that helps patients enhance their appearance by catering to all the areas from where a mother loses her tone. It's not just one procedure but a combination of procedures used to help women restore their pre-pregnancy shape. These procedures include:
  • Breast lift with or without breast augmentation.
  • Tummy tuck.
  • Liposuction of the hips and thighs.
Breast lift with or without breast augmentation:
A breast lift is a procedure that involves gently lifting sagging skin and correcting nipple placement. Breast lift or mastopexy can also augment your breasts using your own breast tissues without any implants . This procedure is called Augmentation Mastopexy and is very famous worldwide. The whole procedure can take as long as three hours.
The breast augmentation involves the use of implants to enhance the size and shape to perfect the profile of the breasts.
Tummy tuck surgery is a key surgery in the entire mommy makeover process. Pregnancy changes can cause stretched muscles and excess skin with lots of stretch marks that are resistant to standard weight loss methods. Tummy tuck surgery is used to tighten abdominal muscles that separate during pregnancy, and reduce stubborn fat deposits around the mid and lower part of your abdomen along with the excision of the excess skin.
For patients with less excess skin, a ‘mini tummy tuck’ is recommended. It will also improve the appearance of the stretch marks below the navel area that appears during pregnancy. The surgery can take around two to five hours and the recovery period is around one to three weeks depending on severity of the procedure. Patients are encouraged to walk from the next day onwards and are usually discharged on 2-3rd day of the surgery.
Liposuction can be used to target the hips, thighs, abdomen and lower back and is used to reduce fat, especially in exercise-resistant areas.
Along with these surgical procedures, few non-invasive procedures are combined such as anti-wrinkle injections , dermal filler and our very famous technology Miami diamond dermal infusion system for facial rejuvenation.
During your mommy makeover consultation at La Midas, your doctor will assess your areas of concern and help you determine which procedures will best help you reach your goals. All of your options will be discussed in greater detail to ensure your mommy makeover focuses on those exact parts of your body you are dissatisfied with.
Are you a good candidate?
To be a good candidate for mommy makeover surgery you will need to be in generally good health. Preferably, a non-smoker as smoking interferes with the healing process and can significantly diminish results.
How soon after having a baby someone can opt for mommy makeover?
Hormones affect the elasticity and tone of your skin, thus six to nine months post pregnancy is the right time for mommy makeover surgery.
After care:
Post surgery your doctor will give you detailed instructions on do’s and don’ts. It is important to remember that mommy makeover involves a significant period of restricted activity, which includes picking up and carrying children. Thus, it’s essential to have extra help on hand during the healing period.
There are few risks and complications associated with these surgeries including infection, delay healing, scarring, skin sensitivity etc. Most of these reduce in a few days and major complications can be avoided by choosing well experienced surgeons.
When other efforts fail to restore the body to its pre-pregnancy appearance, a mommy makeover can provide more contoured body shape and a rejuvenated appearance.
Opt for La Midas mommy makeover and feel younger within. Majority of women who undergo mommy makeovers are thrilled with the results.

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