Lower back pain
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Lower back pain

Pain in the lower section of the back can affect the lower region of the spine and could occur due to a number of reasons. This problem can occur due to an injury to the muscle due to strain or a sprain in the ligament. There are many routine activities which can contribute to pain in the lower back, including but not limited to, lifting heavy objects improperly, maintaining a poor posture while sitting and standing, neglecting a regular exercising routine, the occurrence of a fracture, or a ruptured disc.
Interestingly, the only symptom of the trouble is lower back pain itself which may or may not go away on its own. Ideally, a common lower back pain must go away on its own in a span of two to four weeks. During this time, you can avail the assistance of medicines and physiotherapy to help you overcome the pain. In very rare cases, unending lower back pain may need surgery to correct the condition.
If you need the assistance of an expert to administer physiotherapy and guide you about lower back pain, reach out to the professionals at La Midas, who can be trusted to deliver the best advice on the matter.

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