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La Midas Miracle Infusion

About La Midas Miracle Infusion:
This therapy is to improve your skin health as well as to improve your immunity. Basically, here we intake some vitamins that our body lack in order to function properly. When we orally consume any kind of vitamin, it can actually benefit only half of it. On the other side, vitamins provided by the IV get consumed about 90% by our body.
In order to make a person consume more vitamins, the liquid of the same is transferred to a person’s body. This can be done by inserting a small tube through which the liquid will flow into the veins. This makes sure that the vitamins are directly going to the bloodstream without partially getting absorbed in the mouth or the digestive tract.
Who Should Take It?
This becomes a good solution for the people having a lack of vitamins in their bodies. This can also be taken by the people having diseases such as asthma, migraine as well as muscle pain. People who are in sports also take this to increase their vitamin count and hence their efficiency. Moreover, IV can also be used to improve the immune system and to ensure healthier skin of an individual. People also prefer IV to remove toxins from their body as well as to get rid of stress. Extreme alcohol intake can also be cured by it.
Firstly, this should be done under professional and well-experienced doctors to ensure minimal risks. When a person gets an extra amount of vitamins, that too is bad as there may be some adverse effects on their health. The amount of liquid that is being transferred should be monitored carefully.

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The vision for LAMIDAS emerged out of the love and support received by the people of Gurgaon to Neelkanth Group of Hospitals.

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