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Posted By Dr. Bindu Garg: 10th September, 2019

What is a vampire facial?

Vampire facial is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. It is a facial that promotes the healthy activity of your skin cells using your blood. It is a skin treatment that involves microdermabrasion. It is followed by the application of platelet-rich plasma or PRP on your skin.
Human blood comprises red blood cells and serum, which contain white blood cells and platelets. The PRP is extracted from the serum in your blood. The platelets contain extremely high levels of growth factors. These growth factors help in boosting the cell turnover rate when applied in your skin. The growth factors boost collagen and elastin production and increase the skin's hydration levels. Antioxidants are also infused in your skin as a result. This procedure also enhances the absorbing power of your skin. This way your skin can absorb other skincare products in a much better way.


The procedure starts with venipuncture which means drawing the blood from your body. It is not an extremely painful treatment. The process involves the following steps
• As mentioned earlier, the first step is to draw out blood from your body.
• The skincare professional will then extract the platelets from the blood using a centrifuge that spins the blood at a fast pace to separate its layers. The plasma rich in platelets is extracted from it.
• These extracted platelets are finally applied to your skin through microdermabrasion. It can be done through micro-needling as well. The platelets are applied in such a way that they trick your skin into believing it is injured, forcing it to produce more collagen.


The benefits of this treatment are as follows:
• Gives a youthful glow to your skin
• Improves your skin texture
• Improves the appearance of wrinkles
• Decreases the size of the skin pores
• Improves the plumpness of your skin
• Gives a smooth skin
• Enhances the effectiveness of skincare products
• Improves the appearance of acne scars


Though vampire facial procedure has its advantages it does come with a series of potential side effects which is, generally, the case with any procedure of this type. The potential side effects include
• It can cause Infection
There is a risk of infection. This usually happens when the procedure is not followed correctly or without adequate infection control practices
• It Is Painful
Although, it should be noted this procedure is not extremely painful but it does involve some pain.
• It causes inflammation
Inflammation and bruises are a part and parcel of this procedure. You must follow a dedicated aftercare regimen to make sure the inflammation is gone.
It's better to talk to a qualified dermatologist at La Midas to know whether you are a candidate for this type of procedure. The doctors at La Midas are the best people to judge your skin condition and determine what type of procedure you might need.

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