hair transplant in gurugram
hair transplant in gurugram

Why La Midas For Hair Transplant in Gurugram?

The house of La Midas brings you the best hair transplant in Gurugram. The aesthetics of nature and feel of utmost care is at the core of La Midas.

We work to get the best out of your skin using the latest technology in skincare and the best hair transplant in Gurugram. Our clinics are equipped with the state of the art equipment to give the ultimate sense of satisfaction after the treatment. Creating a notable difference is what we do, and we are the best at what we do.

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We provide a wide range of services for you
to look clean, attractive, and original.


While providing FUE, our each hair transplant surgeon grafts every hair carefully.

hair transplant in gurugram

Improve your confidence and appearance with our cosmetic procedures.

hair transplant in gurugram


Our hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon has already gifted FUT to 100+ clients. However, this technique is performed as by removing 5-10 inches of skin from the back of the head and it is applied to the less hairy part of the head.

hair transplant in gurugram
hair transplant in gurugram

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hair transplant in gurugram


hair transplant in gurugram


hair transplant in gurugram

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hair transplant in gurugram



With the growing needs of appearance-based Outlook, the need for hair transplantation in Gurugram has sporadically increased. Nowadays, people want to be more presentable, and good looks only come with healthy hair on your head. The clinics in Gurgaon now profiled a range of options for hair transplantation, which in turn makes the treatment more affordable for a bigger section of society.

There are several ways of hair transplantation, and with the advent of the latest technology, the process has eased to a much greater extent than it used to be a decade before. Now there is no dearth of clinic which gives you assured results coupled with reasonable pricing. La Midas is one such Hair Clinic where experts ensure that you get the best of hair transplantation with both the FUT and FUE procedure.

The price range usually varies from clinic to clinic and also depends largely on the expertise of doctors treating you, and luckily, La Midas is one such place that gives you both. The cost of hair transplantation in Gurugram range from Rs 40000 to Rs 4 lakh. Usually, the FUT procedure costs less, and the FUE procedure costs more, but there are some subtle differences that one needs to keep in mind before deciding the treatment method.

Since we seek expert treatment in every field, we need to ensure that power our specialist is well trained and has wide experience in the field of hair transplantation, which is of paramount importance since the overall transplantation process depends largely on the experience of the physician treating you. La Midas is one such place for hair transplantation in Gurgaon, which gives you a pool of experienced doctors and a range of products to ensure qualitative treatment.

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