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There is no denial from the fact that the present-day lifestyle has become more challenging to your skin and is obstructing your desire for a clean and clear skin, especially if your routine demands you to stay out in sun for prolonged hours. In spite of following a healthy routine, you have no control over the environmental factors which cause many skin issues including freckles. However, there are science has developed ways to help you in getting rid of these freckles with numerous ways that can be optimized for your requirements. After all healthy skin is your right that serves as a fuel to your confidence in all walks of life.
Freckles are light brown or slightly red spots on your skin which primarily rooted due to overexposure to the sun or because of genetic reasons. Unlike moles, these are flat and are more prominent in summers as your skin is more subjected to UV light of the sun.
Freckles are more visible on fair skin. They appear in tan-colored spots that are scattered on the skin in varying density clusters. Freckles are resultant of the cluster of melanin-producing cells. The production of melanin is a protective mechanism. In the quest to protecting skin from the UV radiations, more melanin is produced resulting in the formation of freckles. Using a sunscreen or anti-oxidant topical creams may help to a certain extent, but are not a definite solution to freckles.
Freckles are identified by their appearance, just like many other skin ailments. It is important to detect them in time as they may lead to other skin problems like hyperpigmentation and skin cancer in some cases where there is a significant alteration in their color. If you are facing the problem of freckles, La Midas would be your ultimate savior. La Midas team intends to not only solve a particular issue but also enhance your overall beauty and personality. All our treatments are designed to provide you a radiance as bright as gold. Our experts will detect the freckles and the exact type and would suggest the line of treatment that will boost your belief in yourself and enthusiasm towards life.
Generally, everyone who has freckles will show a unique pattern of freckles. Freckles are broadly classified into two categories.
  • Ephelides
    These are flat light-brown or red-colored spots that are evenly round in shape. They may fade by themselves with a reduction in exposure to sun or with the season change.
  • Lentigines
    These freckles are much darker and larger as compared to ephelides. These are often irregular in shape and do not lighten with the season change.
La Midas Recommendations
Before you get into any treatment it is essential to consider factors like skin type and color, type of freckles, family history, any medical condition that you are being treated for. All these are a potential contributor to the success of the treatment. The La Midas team ensures a careful and detailed examination of all these factors and finalize the treatment that would be most appropriate for you.
  • Topical fading creams and retinoid creams
    Many fading creams and retinoid creams are available over the counter and by prescription. Fading creams have ingredients that repair sun damage and lighten freckles. Retinoid creams absorb ultraviolet radiation and prevent new freckles.
  • Laser treatment
    This treatment is executed by applying a focused and intense light onto the damaged area. It is a safe procedure with no scaring. Different types of lasers can be used to suit your skin type.
  • Cryosurgery
    Cryosurgery is carried out by freezing and destroying abnormal skin cells using extreme cold liquid nitrogen. It is a safe process with no scars and little recovery time.
  • Chemical peel
    A moderate skin peel is used to exfoliate and remove damaged skin. The new skin is generated that is fresh and spotless.

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