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Facial Rejuvenation

There has been remarkable progress in the field of cosmetic surgery, especially in facial rejuvenation. Everyone in the present day and time wants to look their best without compromising with their natural and healthy appearance. A lot of beauty regimes are racing around the market, which adds to your good looks. But aging is one thing that is inescapable and so is the effect of other internal and external factors. The good news is that facial rejuvenation is can liberate use from these shackles to pace up towards success with your head held high.
Facial aging is the term used for the changes that appear on your face with age. Facial aging happens mainly due to alterations in the skin and the deeper soft tissues of the face. These changes usually occur at two levels. The external factors that affect the facial transformation are natural aging, facial movements, skin type, routine skincare, and sun exposure. Other factors are internal and include facial fat distribution, gravity pulls and drooping in underlying soft tissues.
Facial rejuvenation is a set of procedures each of which seeks to restore the youthful appearance of your face. These procedures can be used independently or in combination. With a positive attitude, realistic expectations, a thorough analysis of your skin and related issues and a carefully chosen treatment options of the sequence of procedure you can regain your springtime look.
Aging comes with a wide range of facial anomaly including loose skin, irregular contours, scars, patchy skin, freckles, and many more, which is why it is important to consider an inclusive treatment approach to get a perfectly healthy and glowing skin. Along with removing these aging symptoms, La Midas emphasizes on enhancing the overall appearance of your skin and promise you the skin that is clean, fresh, and glowing like gold. We not only work to rejuvenate your facial skin but also make sincere and dedicated effort to build self-assurance and steer up the flare and positivity to accomplish your goal through the outcomes of our treatments. Besides the facial aging symptoms, diagnosis also includes determining and analyzing the skin characteristics and overall health to conclude the best line of treatment on an individual basis.
Facial rejuvenation procedures are classified based on how they are performed and what kind of aging symptoms they can treat.
According to the procedure, the facial rejuvenation methods fall in the following classes.
  • Surgical
    These procedures involve operation and are performed by making fine slits generally around the edges of the face or below the chin.
  • Non-surgical
    These procedures do not require any kind of slitting. Chemicals, compounds, or laser are used without making openings. They involve minimum pain and downtime and enable faster recovery.
According to the conditions treated by the procedures, they are classified into two groups.
  • Resurfacing
    Resurfacing techniques can rectify fine lines, wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, lesions, and revealed blood vessels that appear due to skin thinning
  • Re-draping and Re-elevating
    These procedures are used to treat sagging of skin in cheeks and neck, drooping forehead and eyebrows, deep smile lines and folds on the skin.
La Midas Recommendations
The treatment and remedies for curing and managing double chin depending on the size of the double chin, underlying cause, and your expectations from the suggested measure that is how fast you want it to go away. At La Midas, we consider all the pertaining factors and recommend one of the following lines of action that suits your requirements the most.
  • Exercise and diet
    Many exercises target the neck and face muscles like kissing the sky, lion's yawn, chewing, and the ball squeeze. These exercises work slower as compared to other clinical treatments but play a crucial role in tightening the muscles and burning the fat from your neck and chin. Switching to a natural diet that incorporates vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain and cutting on sugar and fried and processed food can also help.
  • Face Mask
    Many face masks help in tightening the skin below your chin. You can use glycerine mask with coffee or green tea or egg white mask with honey and lemon juice to supplement your exercise routine.
  • Clinical/Surgical treatments
    If the natural methods are not effective, we recommend the surgical methods like Lipolysis and Mesotherapy which provide remarkable results in much lesser time.

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