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Skin that looks naturally young and fresh is what everyone aspires to have. However, it is also true that aging is bound to happen and can be evaded by no means. Many people choose facial exercise to tone and tighten their facial skin. But it seldom works. Facial exercises do not work the same way as your workout at the gym. While you cannot block the time and stop aging, you can still turn the clock backward and regain your youthful skin as you advance in the years of your life. If aging signs like wrinkles, lines, sagged skin are your main cosmetic concerns, a facelift is most likely to be your best option. This minimally invasive technique rejuvenates your face and returns you your youthful the energy and vibes which is your driving force for the run to success.
Many changes are visible on your face as you age. Sometimes the fat deposits decrease or increase in some areas inconsistently. This creates irregular depressions on your face and sometimes may make you look bony. Most prominently aging decreases the elasticity of your skin and make it lose. The slumping is mainly noticeable on the face at the lower jawline, cheeks, and from the side of the nose to the corner of your mouth.
Facelift treatment revitalizes your facial skin to give you a renewed, fresher and revived look. It is a cosmetic procedure to reduce sagging and rejuvenate your facial skin and features to give you a naturally younger appearance. It reduces folds and tightens the skin around your cheeks and jawline and enhance other features which tend to droop with age. The results of the facelift treatment last for years and can be maintained beyond that with a little touch-up.
Signs of skin aging are apparent on the face. They may appear in many forms like wrinkles around eyes and forehead, crow's feet, droopy eyelids, laugh lines, frown lines, age spots, and loose skin on your cheeks and around jawlines. Signs of skin aging are many and also everyone ages in a unique way with a specific rate which is why it is important to consult your symptoms and concerns with an expert like the La Midas clinic. La Midas offers adjustable facelift treatments which are modified to align with your expectations. The experts at the clinic make a detailed study of your case that includes your skin, severity of the problem, any other medical condition that you are being treated for, hereditary factors, and your daily routine to pin down the exact kind of treatment you need. Our procedures are designed for the complete renewal of your skin for ideal texture and glow just like gold. We can target the facelift procedure to the specific areas of the face to rectify the smallest sign of aging and fuel the fire inside you to accomplish your
Your skin may respond to the facelift treatment differently considering its natural inherent properties. Also, skin aging occurs at a unique rate. For different people, the symptoms can be more prominent in different areas of the face. Considering these variations, facelifts are grouped in different classes based on the target areas and severity of symptoms.
  • Mini facelift
    This facelift targets lower face area and can treat mild signs like excess skin, minimal sagging, and early fowls.
  • Mid-face lift
    This lift targets the mid-face area or cheeks. It reduces deep creases and provides more attractive cheek contours.
  • Deep plane facelift
    This is used for rectifying heavy cheeks, neck sagging, and laxity by lifting muscle tissues and skin. It works for severe cheek and neck aging issues and known for its natural-looking long-lasting results.
  • Silhouette Instalift
    It is used to restore the structure around cheeks, brows, jawlines, and neck. It gives a youthful orientation to your face by encouraging natural collagen production.
La Midas Recommendations
The treatment and remedies for curing and managing double chin depending on the size of the double chin, underlying cause, and your expectations from the suggested measure that is how fast you want it to go away. At La Midas, we consider all the pertaining factors and recommend one of the following lines of action that suits your requirements the most.
  • Exercise and diet
    Many exercises target the neck and face muscles like kissing the sky, lion's yawn, chewing, and the ball squeeze. These exercises work slower as compared to other clinical treatments but play a crucial role in tightening the muscles and burning the fat from your neck and chin. Switching to a natural diet that incorporates vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain and cutting on sugar and fried and processed food can also help.
  • Face Mask
    Many face masks help in tightening the skin below your chin. You can use glycerine mask with coffee or green tea or egg white mask with honey and lemon juice to supplement your exercise routine.
  • Clinical/Surgical treatments
    If the natural methods are not effective, we recommend the surgical methods like Lipolysis and Mesotherapy which provide remarkable results in much lesser time.

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