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Double Chin Treatment

Along with sharp features and flawless glowing skin, your face cut is an important element for good looks. Sharp jaw lines enhance your features and help you turn heads in any social gathering. Fitness and good looks go hand in hand. Nevertheless, fat deposition under your skin can give you a double chin. It is a very common issue that affects both obese and lean people. It results due to the fat build-up that sags under your chin. With the development of cosmetic procedures, it is possible to get rid of this extra unwanted fat. It sharpens and highlights your features and allows you to make a statement to the world just with your looks.
Double chin is a frequently observed problem that is most often overlooked. It is a condition where a layer of fat gets accumulated below your chin. It is also called the submental fat. Being associated with the term fat, it is generally considered a sign of being overweight. However, several factors can lead to a double chin.
A double chin can be caused due to a combination of many factors in your body. These factors include age, diet and weight, genetics, and posture. With age skin beneath your chin loses its elasticity and appears saggy. If you have a family history of skin with low elasticity, you are more likely to have a double chin. Even poor posture can also weaken the muscles of the neck and chin and contribute to double chin.
People having a double chin are generally prone to other health issues diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and related concerns.
Double chin is a common issue. If you also observe a double chin while looking into the mirror, La Midas is a definite place to go. The first idea that pops up by looking at your double chin is that of weight gain. La Midas sees a broader perspective of the problem. We understand that there can be other reasons which are causing the problem and target our recommendations and treatments to address the root cause. Our team pays a lot of emphasis on your medical and physical condition along with your family history. The motive is to pinpoint the accurate cause of double chin. This helps in recommending the best treatment that ensures exceptional results. You will also be given a realistic and frank explanation of the procedure and the results. We make efforts to align the results with the hopes that you have from the treatment and focus on providing value to your money and time. We honor the trust that you show on us and make sure that you leave the clinic completely transformed inside out. Our team provides nothing less than the best and makes it certain that, with the assurance and encouragement drawn from the results of our efforts, you rise only higher in life.
Besides being an aesthetic irregularity, a double chin is also closely associated with health issues. As mentioned earlier the factors causing the development of double chin are often related to your daily life. Bearing this in mind the double chin reduction therapies are divided into two broad groups.
  • Natural and home remedies
    These methods aim at improving diet and daily routine to reduce double chin. Keeping a distance from high calories and processed food can help in reducing the excess fat below your chin. Some exercises target the chin fat and help in melting it. You can use some natural masks which provide the necessary tightness to the sagging skin. Also keeping habits like smoking and alcohol at bay can help and assist the maintenance of the results. But these measures can help to a certain extent only.
  • Clinical treatments
    If you are not able to resolve the problem with natural remedies, you can go for the clinical methods. These methods are performed by professionals and remove the excess fat accumulated under the skin below the chin area.
La Midas Recommendations
The treatment and remedies for curing and managing double chin depending on the size of the double chin, underlying cause, and your expectations from the suggested measure that is how fast you want it to go away. At La Midas, we consider all the pertaining factors and recommend one of the following lines of action that suits your requirements the most.
  • Exercise and diet
    Many exercises target the neck and face muscles like kissing the sky, lion's yawn, chewing, and the ball squeeze. These exercises work slower as compared to other clinical treatments but play a crucial role in tightening the muscles and burning the fat from your neck and chin. Switching to a natural diet that incorporates vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain and cutting on sugar and fried and processed food can also help.
  • Face Mask
    Many face masks help in tightening the skin below your chin. You can use glycerine mask with coffee or green tea or egg white mask with honey and lemon juice to supplement your exercise routine.
  • Clinical/Surgical treatments
    If the natural methods are not effective, we recommend the surgical methods like Lipolysis and Mesotherapy which provide remarkable results in much lesser time.

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