Dimple Creation Surgery
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Dimple Creation Surgery

Cheek dimples are usually considered as a gorgeous feature of facial beauty and some are lucky enough to be born with dimples. However, thanks to dimpleplasty, anyone can get that desired attractive dimple now.
A dimple is a small natural scoop, most especially in the chin or on the cheek; it supposedly boosts your beauty and expression and is always appreciated by others. Very few people are bejeweled with a dimple on their cheeks. With dimple creation surgery, now it is possible to create permanent dimples through a quick and simple procedure. At La Midas, we can artistically enhance your face by adding a dimple that will brighten your smile.
For cases where the difference is only one cup size or less, fat grafting may be a good option for correcting breast asymmetry. The amount of fat to be grafted depends on various criteria such as your body’s response; may require more than one session. Fat grafting techniques have improved significantly in recent times and when performed by a technically-skilled surgeon, it can be very effective. It is used as an additional procedure for breast reconstruction. Thus fat grafting is a widely accepted procedure for achieving breast symmetry.
At La Midas, our fat grafting technique offers outstanding results in cosmetic surgery of the breast . Complementary fat grafting helps in giving a natural look to the breasts resulting in complete patient satisfaction.
How do I prepare?
Dimple creation surgery generally can be done on one cheek or both the cheeks of men or women. One can decide which would be the most ideal place for the dimples on your face with prior consultation with our doctor.
There are many parameters that might affect the depth, size and shape of your dimple which include the thickness of cheeks, fat present in it, the shape of your face, and the balance of your facial muscles. We will choose the type of dimple that may suit you depending on a few of these variables. Still, dimpleplasty is entirely personalized and you can choose the location of the dimple on your face, depth, and shape.
Dimple creation surgery is a daycare procedure performed under local anesthesia like lidocaine. This is essential so that the patient does not experience any pain or discomfort. A small depression is created in the cheek muscle from inside the mouth without causing any external scars. A small amount of muscle and fat is removed to support this construction. Once the space for the future dimple is created by the surgeon, they then position a sling from one side to the other side of the cheek muscle. The sling is then tied to fix the dimple eternally in place.
You will be awake and comfortable throughout the surgery. . It generally takes a minimum of twenty minutes to maximum of thirty minutes to perform a dimple surgery.
After the procedure/ Recovery
Sometimes a little swelling is observed during the surgery. You can use cold packs to reduce this swelling. A surgically created dimple is protuberant for the initial two weeks but later behaves like a usual dimple and is visible only on smiling. Patients can start eating soft food after a few hours of the surgery as it does not restrict the chewing process. The patient will be on medication for 48 hours after the surgery and will also be prescribed with antiseptic gargles. This keeps the oral hygiene by keeping the mouth clean after having your food or any drink. However, one can resume routine activities on a subsequent day. If you experience excessive bleeding at the operated site, see our doctor right away to avoid infection. The earlier it is treated, the less likely it will cause further complications.
Dimple creation surgery is safe and effective and can be reversed if necessary. Dimpleplasty can carry both short-term and long-term risks though the risks are very rare. Most people who have this surgery have an encouraging experience.
One needs to accept that the outcome is permanent, whether you like the results or not before opting for the surgery.
La Midas offers the best blend of vast experience and cutting edge technology. Our team has skilled specialists who can turn your dream of having a dimple into a reality.

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