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Collagen Remodeling
Our body is an amazing amalgamation of art and science. The scientific or biological processes occurring inside the body artistically keep the formation and aesthetics of the body. Collagen is the protein that holds the body parts together and forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure to the body. It is vital for young and healthy-looking skin. With increasing age, the natural production of collagen is decreased. This brings up multiple visible marks or signs which make your skin look aged. Collagen remodeling is aimed to give you the best looking version of yourself and also an essential prerequisite that provides you the necessary boost for an accomplished
Collagen remodeling is stimulating new collagen production and rearranging existing collagen fibers. Generally, collagen remodeling is triggered automatically when the body believes it is ‘injured’ i.e. when stress is placed on collagen fibers. Collagen structures impart stiffness, strength, and toughness to a variety of soft tissues in the body.
Normal aging process results decrease in the amount of collagen form by the body that in reduced suppleness and elasticity of the skin which is compounded by the damages due to other external factors such as free radical and solar exposure over time. This damage is visible in the form of various blemishes on the skin. But thanks to the advent of non-surgical collagen remodeling which makes one free from these blemishes like fine lines, wrinkles, etc, simply by undertaking a few sittings.
Collagen is an abundant protein in our body that is found everywhere in muscles, bones, and even in blood vessels. The main function of collagen is to keep the tissues connected and provide the necessary stiffness to the skin. At La Midas, we understand that the reduction in collagen can be of multiple reasons including aging and other medical conditions. We offer treatments that are targeted to address the underlying cause and provide you results that last for eternity. The goal is to bring back the charming personality with a perfect golden glow on your skin. Our team can detect the absence or shortage by assessing skin conditions like wrinkles, skin sagging, age spots, pigmentation, etc. Our treatments address the breakdown of collagen, reinstate the liveliness of your skin and renew your passion for life.
Collagen remodeling for skin improvement can be done in two ways, by working on the skin surface and by intruding the skin layers. Based on these concepts collagen remodeling methods can be classified in the following categories.
  • Penetrating
    Penetrating techniques make use of energy devices which release energy waves that reach deep into the skin layer and stimulate the production of collagen.
  • Non-penetrating
    Non-penetrating methods for collagen remodeling have been around for the longest time. These methods generally use chemicals or crystals scrubs that reactivate the collagen cells and revive the skin.
La Midas Recommendations
There are plenty of tropical products that assure firm, glowing and tightened skin but when it comes to effectiveness, the story is different. La Midas offers its clients with multiple reliable solutions that are safe and produce enduring outcomes.
  • Laser-based light Treatment
    Laser Resurfacing can help rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of damage caused by ultraviolet sun rays, aging, and some other facial skin disorders. The laser penetrates to the collagen layer and with mild heating, it stimulates new growth of collagen. It is ideal for the treatment of pigment, skin laxity and texture. This treatment also overcomes wrinkle and acne scars problems.
  • Ultrasound therapy Treatment
    This therapy stimulates rejuvenation. In this technique, the ultrasound energy is directed to the deep layer of tissues that support our skin. Here the ultrasound energy gently causes heating which stimulates the body to make new collagen fibers.
  • Radiofrequency treatment
    The radio-frequency treatment uses radio frequency (RF) energy directed to the tissue to heat them and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and collagen formation.
  • Microdermabrasion
    This method uses a fine crystal and vacuum pressure to exfoliate the upper layer of your epidermis. This exfoliation encourages new collagen production and results in renewed plumpness and youthful complexion of the skin.

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