Breast reduction
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Breast reduction

Breast reduction, also known as ‘reduction mammoplasty’, is a cosmetic procedure to reduce the size of women’s breasts. The procedure involves the removal of fat and glandular tissue from the breast while tightening skin to produce smaller breasts.
Larger sized breasts often give rise to problems such as back pain, poor posture, rashes underneath the breasts. Women with large breasts are prone to musculoskeletal issues and they often feel self-conscious about their bodies. Overall, heavy breasts can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable and can have a negative impact on lifestyle.
Why should you consider breast reduction surgery?
Women with large breasts seek out a reduction procedure because they are tired of all the issues associated with heavy breasts and want to look proportionate and feel confident. If you want to address the medical, physical and emotional symptoms associated with overly large breasts and improve self-image then breast reduction is perfect for you.
The surgery is performed under anesthesia and patients do not experience any discomfort.
During the surgery, your surgeon will make three incisions around the areola, down to the bottom crease of the breast, and then along the natural curve of the breast crease.
If additional correction is necessary, he/she will add another horizontal incision in the crease underneath the breast.
Through the incisions, your surgeon will remove excessive fat, tissue, and skin, and position the nipple and areola higher. Depending on the size of your new breasts, the areola will be trimmed if required and nipple and areola will be then re-positioned.
This procedure does not affect the blood and nerve supply of areola and nipple; thus the breastfeeding ability is mostly preserved.
As the final step, sutures are layered and the incisions are brought together.
Entire surgery takes around 2-4 hours.
Recovery and after care
Your doctor will provide instructions on how to minimize swelling, manage discomfort, and care for your incisions. One to two weeks following the surgery, stitches will be removed. Scars from the incisions will fade over time. You may be advised to wear a compression bra to help decrease pain and swelling. Most patients may resume light daily activities the following day but strenuous exercise, however, should be avoided for 3-4 weeks
What Are the Complications Related to Breast Reduction Surgery?
Like any other surgery there are some risks factors:
  • Hematoma: collection of blood under breast
  • Seroma: collection of fluid
  • Fat necrosis: loss of fat tissues due to lack of blood supply
These conditions might resolve themselves or in a few cases require additional treatment.
Loss of sensitivity in the area, scarring, breast asymmetry or excessive firmness is the result of poor quality surgery and hence it is important to choose your plastic surgeon carefully.
If complications are serious, you may require correction surgery.
Duration of results
Results of breast reduction are long-lasting. Patients can experience lighter, more youthful-looking breasts as a result of this procedure.

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