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Posted By Dr. Bindu Garg: 6th January, 2020

"Women are leading sufferers of urinary incontinence making 75 to 80 percent of the patients.” - Dr. Bindu Garg,

Are you facing difficulty in holding your bladder? Do you have to deal with urgency to go to the washroom? Are dribbles and leakage troubling your daily life? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might be dealing with urinary incontinence. You should consult with the experts at Lamidas to get the best Urine Leakage & Urinary Incontinence treatment in Gurgaon.

A problem, that is twice more common in women as compared to men. It keeps you worried about the leakage all the time especially when you sneeze, cough, laugh, or do anything that would put pressure on your bladder.

Over 200 million people worldwide are affected by this problem and most of them are women. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause bring about several changes in a woman's body and one of them is weakening the pelvic floor. This results in urinary incontinence.

Nearly 24% of women between 18 to 44 years of age and 23% above 60 struggle with this problem. Every one in four women experiences such episodes and it may take years to diagnose the exact problem. Statistics are implying that 17% of women over 18 years of age have to deal with an overactive bladder.

The problem is widespread and stressful. It interferes with your sleep, workouts, daily activities and keeps you worried all the time you are at work, socializing, or out of your house for any reason.
There are several treatment options but each of them comes with pros and cons. However, the latest technology is a revolutionary development that is proving a boon to the patients of urinary incontinence. It treats the problem by strengthening your pelvic floor and providing strength to your bladder and all you need to do is to just sit on a chair.

Surprising! Yes, that's all. You sit in that chair it require weekly 6-8 sessions as suggested by your gynecologist and the machine will do the rest. It works on the principle of electromagnetic waves. The effect is similar to that of a Kegel without making any effort. The results are amazingly satisfying and give you an improved life and liberated feel. The good news is that this incredible urine leakage treatment is now available in your city Gurgaon. You can book an appointment at the La Midas, meet our gynecologist and get rid of the bothersome frequent and uncontrollable urge most effectively and comfortably.

Let us explore the details about this completely non-invasive breakthrough technology and treat urinary incontinence successfully.

Let’s know more

About the non invasive breakthrough technology for urinary incontinence

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  1. Starting from the basics,What is urinary incontinence?
  2. Inconvenience and surgery is the currently available solutions
  3. The technology everyone is waiting for throne of kegels in your city~ BTL Emsella
  4. How does BTL Emsella work
  5. Why are women across the world saying yes to Emsella
  6. Reclaim your life and do what you want to do ! Prescribed by the best gynecologist in Gurgaon

What is urinary incontinence?


The term urinary incontinence broadly means that state when you cannot manage or lose control over the release of urine. The problem can be trivial for some people with infrequent dribbling or can be severe for some that can result in cloth wetting.

The nature of the problem depends on the type of urinary incontinence you have.

In stress incontinence you can experience leakage while coughing, laughing, or any action that puts stress on your bladder.

Another type, urge incontinence, is a state where you feel an urgent urge to release urine. You get just a minute's time or a few seconds before it involuntary release.

In overflow incontinence, there is frequent or regular dribbling as you are unable to clear the bladder always. You can also experience combined symptoms of these types.

The most common causes of urinary incontinence in women are pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

These conditions stretch the pelvic muscles and cause considerable damage to them. Weakened muscles are unable to control the contraction and results in incontinence problems. Other common causes are aging, overweight, and vigorous sports. These can also have similar effect on your pelvic muscles. The problem is rising in 20 to 30 % women in their young age, 30 to 40% for the women in the middle age bracket and 50% for elderly women.

The problem with urinal incontinence is often related to hormonal changes during difficult childbirth, obstructed childbirth, and menopause. For that reason, many women take it as a normal part of these stages. But the problem becomes troublesome as it interferes with your everyday life. You have to stay close to the washrooms to be able to handle the sudden uncontrollable urge for urination. Sometimes women have to carry extra clothing to address leakage. All these create a sense of self-doubt and adversely affect your social and professional life. It is psychologically more difficult for young women as they spend a lot of time outside the home.


Inconvenience in the currently available solutions for Incontinence

So, how to deal with the problem of urinal incontinence?
There are several treatment options for the problem.

You can opt for muscle training and bladder training. Muscle training includes Kegel exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor and help in reducing urinary leakage.

Bladder training is aimed at increasing the time duration between your bathroom trips. Beginning with 30 minutes it can be taken to the 3-4 hours.

Electrical stimulation is also an option wherein quick electrical pulses are given to the vaginal walls to tighten them. Same effect can be achieved by collagen injections. Some people also use absorbing pads, tampons, and medical devices.

However, these do not solve the real problem and cause discomfort. There are several kinds of surgeries that are sometimes recommended for treating incontinence. These surgeries are aimed at providing support to your urethra and bladder neck or using a synthetic material for creating a pelvic sling.

While all these treatment options solve the problem to some extent, there is also the other side of the coin.
The exercises are strenuous and are often done by holding an object/egg in your vagina. Both muscle and bladder training can be physically and mentally draining. Also, these methods are helpful only in stress continence. The medication that you may take to solve the problem also has side-effects like headaches, constipation, diarrhea, and dizziness. Surgery is invasive and does not guarantee absolute relief. Why go invasive when the throne of Kegels has arrived.
In all the above treatment methods, you cannot be fully dressed while taking them. These treatments cause significant discomfort and exhaust your bodily and psychologically.

The technology everyone is waiting for – BTL Emsella

Best urinary incontinence treatment Now in Gurgaon!

“With the power to deliver approximately 11000 kegel, the technology can deliver noticeable results in just one 30 minute session.” – Dr. Bindu Garg

Wondering if there is something that can solve the problem for you without causing any discomfort? The answer is yes

The BTL Emsella is a revolutionary technology for the treatment of urinary incontinence that has taken the world by storm. It is a completely non-invasive method and can address both stress and urge incontinence.
Leakage and dribbling can adversely affect your overall health and happiness. This is where BTL Emsella can be your savior. This first of its kind device is deemed as the most comfortable vaginal tightening and rejuvenation treatment by many patients and doctors.

You do not have to sweat yourself or bear the pain for exercises and take the needle hurts or surgery. The machine does all the work for you.

The technology deploys focussed electromagnetic current at high intensity. This contracts the pelvic floor muscles just the Kegel exercise would do. But the difference is, this machine can amazingly deliver approximately 11000 kegel in one session of around 30 minutes. This evidently accelerates the rejuvenation process and results can be seen much sooner. The usual six-session treatment delivers long-lasting results. Some of the key factors about the treatment are:

  • You remain completely clothed throughout the treatment.
  • It is completely noninvasive and pain-free.
  • There is no side-effect and downtime.


How do BTL Emsella works?

Let us now dig a bit deeper to understand the science behind the technology and how it works to solve the problem of incontinence. BTL Emsella, the kegel throne as it is often called, transmit high-intensity electromagnetic waves that are highly focused and cover the entire pelvic floor region.

This induces rapid and adequately powered contractions in the regions and builds strength in the muscles. These super-maximal contractions in the muscles also stimulate and reinstate the neuromuscular control that prevents the involuntary discharge of urine. Factors like pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and high-impact sports often loosen the pelvic muscles and make them droop.

The constant uniform electromagnetic contraction in the entire region provides the necessary pushes and makes the region firmer and stronger and provides better control on your bladder. You can feel the strength and lift from the second or third session.

Why are women across the world saying yes to Emsella?

Best urinary incontinence treatment Now in Gurgaon!

“BTL Emsella delivers treatment for urinary incontinence with nearly 95% satisfaction rate.” – Dr. Bindu Garg

So the answer to this question is simple. Emsella is effective and it is unfathomably comfortable. Many patients have experienced remarkable improvements.
Those who had to get up four to five times for urinating during nights, now have much better control over their bladder.
The frequency is reduced greatly and they can have a better sleep. Many patients have shared who free they feel after getting the treatment through Emsella and can relive their lives as earlier. Experts and senior gynaecologists also advocate the treatment for its effectiveness and ease.

You can drink ample water to keep yourself hydrated without worrying about going to the bathroom repeatedly. At no point during the treatment, you will be asked to take off your clothes. There are no injections, no surgeries, no strenuous and awkward exercises, and no pain involved in the treatment.

The rigor of the device makes the results visible after the first session in some cases and after the second or third sessions otherwise. These compelling benefits are constantly encouraging women across the globe to take up the treatment and lead a better life.

Reclaim your life and do what you want to do

Urinary incontinence is a widespread problem among women of all ages, cultures, and demographic locations. Most of the factors leading to the conditions often seem inevitable and uncontrollable. Apart from physical discomfort, the problem laid a huge psychological effect. For younger and middle-aged women who lead an active life and stay out for most of the day, it can be shattering. They now have to stay home more and refrain from most of their life's actions. For older women, it adds to the feeling of dejection and being left out.

But now Emsella is here to transform your life for good. This extremely comfortable treatment will reinstate your physical strength and boost your confidence immensely. You will be able to live your life with no restrictions and do everything that you wish to. Choose Emsella, get rid of urinary incontinence, live a life that you have dreamt, and be an inspiration for all others.

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