Brazilian butt lift
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Brazilian butt lift

A curvaceous, toned butt is desired by many but difficult to achieve; Brazilian butt lift procedure can help you get the results you want.
The Brazilian Butt Lift also called butt augmentation is a combination of Liposuction and Fat Transfer to enhance the shape of the buttock and contour your buttocks.
Why Should You choose a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Butt Lift procedure enhances the appearance of the buttocks and corrects its shape. This procedure also helps to eliminate the negative effects of ageing such as the sagging and loss of form . Apart from creating the lifting appearance of your buttocks, its fat transfer procedure will remove excess fat from your problematic areas like abdomen and thighs to make you look slimmer. If you are not satisfied with the looks of your buttocks, getting a Brazilian butt lift is the perfect solution for you.
Does it involve Fat Transfer or Buttock Implants?
Both fat transfer to buttocks and buttock implants can be used to create added volume.
Fat transfer is best suited for individuals with adequate amounts of fat deposits in their bodies, while implants can be a good option for persons with less fat deposits in their bodies.
Silicone implants can cause some complications mainly due to the body's reaction to foreign matter. Being minimally invasive, a fat transfer approach is preferred by many surgeons.
Am I a suitable candidate for this treatment?
Being completely safe the Brazilian Buttocks Lift treatment is suitable for most patients. During your initial consultation your doctor will determine which buttocks lift option is a suitable treatment for you.
How does the Fat Transfer Procedure work?
The surgery involves fat removal using liposuction technique. Common donor sites are hips, abdomen, thighs, back, or upper arms. This approach will not only make the buttocks look significantly better, but also reduce excess fat in common problem areas.
The extracted fat is then purified, separating the fluid from the fat cells and reinjected into the buttock area . An excellent knowledge of anatomy in this area is paramount to know where and how to inject safely. The injected fat is carefully molded to achieve the desired contouring effect.
The time taken to do the procedure will depend on the amount of fat being removed and injected.
The results of the procedure are permanent so you will require only one surgery in majority of the cases.
How much Down-Time is there after surgery?
The liposuction donor sites and injection sites are very small; therefore heal very quickly within a week. A pressure garment needs to be worn on liposuction donor sites for4- 6 weeks to ensure the best results. Scars are usually placed in areas where they are not visible. The buttocks may appear swollen or bruised for the first 4-8 weeks after surgery.
In the case of the fat transfer process, as soon as the recovery process is complete, you will not have to worry about the displacement of the injected fat. You will not need any repeat surgery after this. This makes a Brazilian butt lift a much safer and popular procedure.

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