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Body Polishing

Your body is not just a creation of God but a classic work of art. And like any other art, your body needs protection, care, and conditioning. While you commute to work, relax on a beach or play in a park, your body is constantly exposed to dust, heat, harmful bacteria and radiations, etc. Therefore, your body needs nurturing, relaxation and revival so it can be an added advantage in your successful journey.
Body Polishing is a body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It is a treatment not just on a part of the body but the entire body. It is a vital remedy for attaining radiant skin as the dead skin cells are removed making skin lighter, even and flexible.
As the body age, dead skin cells add up and make it unhealthy and dull. The skin pores are clogged with oil and dirt build-ups. All this restricts the initiation of new cell growth. Moreover, black spots and skin tags are a common sight.
Aging signs on your body? La Midas is where you should be. The story of King Midas whose touch turned everything into gold holds here as well. Our experts' golden touch is what you need to revive your external as well as internal beauty.
Patchy skin, dark spots, and uneven complexion can develop on the body especially after diseases like chickenpox or measles, after a sudden weight loss or after pregnancy. At La Midas, we provide a rejuvenating body polish using a wide variety of ingredients viz. salt, almond bran, pecan, etc. We usually combine body polishing with a good body massage for added benefits and calming your body.
Spots or patches on the skin can be due to various factors. The treatment is most effective when the patch on the skin is identified. Patchy skin can be caused due to the following factors
  • Birthmarks
    Birthmarks can differ in size, shape, color, and appearance. They occur either at birth or shortly afterward.
  • Melasma
    Melasma is a skin condition that causes brown patches. It is very common during pregnancy.
  • Skin rashes
    Various types of skin rashes can also cause patches or discolored skin. These include Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, etc.
  • Skin Infections
    Ringworm, candidiasis of the skin, tinea versicolor are some of the infections that can cause discoloration of the skin.
La Midas Recommendations
Since individuals differ in their skin level of responsiveness, our team of therapists comes with the best polish that suits your skin after consultation. There are numerous categories of body polish that you can take up.
  • Nourishing Body Glow
    This a body polish comprises of essential oils including aloe Vera and jojoba which are gentle yet effective scrubs which helps in reviving your body skin.
  • Tan-optimizing Body Polish
    This body polish is the preparation of the skin before the application of false tan which can otherwise appear patchy. It is a skin-smoothing and dead cell-removing body polish and can be an ideal preparation before going to a beach.
  • Brightening Body Polish
    This is one of the ranges of polishes that are designed to eliminate tired skin cells from head to toe. Ground pumice stone and citrus oils are commonly used in this type of treatment but other ingredients may be used at times.
  • Anti-cellulite Body Polish
    This body polish helps to redistribute and decrease the formation of fat cells. This polish uses coffee which helps to stimulate circulation and which in turn improves the patches on the skin of the body.
  • Himalayan Salt Rub
    Himalayan Salt Rub as the name suggests includes rock crystal which is the purest salt available on the planet. It replenishes and balances the essential minerals that are naturally present in the skin of the body.

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