Are You the Right Candidate for Body Contouring? - What you should know before getting the treatment


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“One in every five women is strongly considering plastic surgery methods to improve her looks. - La Midas”

Posted By La Midas: 05th March, 2020

Whether you agree or not, the way you look is an important part of your identity. In the present day and age, both men and women are equally driven to look their best regardless of the stage of life they are at. A well-sculpted body not only enhances your appearance but also motivates you to live a healthy life and makes you happy about yourself as you look into the mirror. This dream of a perfectly shaped and toned body is hampered when factors like aging, fat accumulation, etc take over your body.

Although the present-day lifestyle is dynamic and keeps you busy all day, it does not allow enough physical activities. Many people are inspired to stay fit and follow regular exercise routines. However, some body-areas are stubborn and refuse to respond to all your efforts of weight loss. Even those who can achieve the desired weight cannot achieve the desired shape. This is where body contouring brings in its magic. It reshapes different parts of your body and provides you the same stunning look that you have been missing for so long. It brings the renaissance in your life, renewing your confidence and zeal to turn your dreams to reality.

Table of Contents

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  1. What is Body Contouring? Why is it popular these days?
  2. Are You the Right Candidate for Body Contouring?
  3. How to Find the Right Treatment for You? Multiple types of Treatments & their Pros & Cons:
    1. Temperature-Based Fat-Reduction Treatments
    2. Skin-Tightening Treatments
    3. Muscle-Enhancement Treatments
  4. What is the cost of Body Contouring in Gurgaon?
  5. What are the Expected Results of Body Contouring Treatment? How much fat would I lose after the treatment?
  6. What’s the recovery time after the Procedure?: Do you need to stay at home for a few days?
  7. Are there any side effects of Body contouring? How to Get prepared for body Contouring?
  8. Is Body Contouring possible after pregnancy?: Things that I need to take care of before & after the procedure?

1. Let us start from scratch: What is Body Contouring? Why is it popular these days?

Are you considering body contouring to get back in proper shape? Are you puzzled with the extravagant jargon people used to describe the procedure? So, let us understand it in simple terms. Body contouring is a collection of procedures that are targeted to reduce stubborn fat pockets and make the skin tighter and smoother. The procedure can help you reduce fat deposition from particular areas that are not responding to your exercise and diet. It dramatically improves skin laxity that appears after substantial weight loss. The procedures are aimed at providing you a well-shaped and well-toned body that is healthier and looks younger. The treatment is safe, effective, and rejuvenates your body. These benefits have contributed to the exponential increase in its popularity with the number of patients seeking consultation increased by nearly two hundred percent.

2. Are You the Right Candidate for Body Contouring? When You Need to get in shape in a shorter period of time

Wondering what conditions the procedure treats the best! whether body contouring is a suitable treatment for you or not? Let us find out here. Body contouring is ideal for anyone who is battling with stubborn fat accumulation in some body areas. However, it is important to understand that body contouring is a fat reduction procedure and not for weight reduction. Meaning, you can expect depletion or elimination of fat from the treated area which would result in slight weight loss. But, it should not be considered a solution to excess weight gain or obesity. You should have realistic expectations and can make most of the treatment if you are close to your ideal weight. Other than that, the procedure is suitable for all skin types and provides a convenient and effective solution for fat removal and skin tightening regardless of gender. The treatment allows you to get in shape quickly without getting under the spatula and scissors. The best thing about the treatment is that it is completely safe and people from all age groups can benefit from it. Most people seek treatment in their middle age bracket. If you are healthy, have a stable weight, and do not smoke, you can go for it without hesitation. However, for teenagers below 18 need to get special permission and are recommended only when the circumstances are compelling.


3. How to Find the Right Treatment for You? Multiple types of treatments and their pros and cons:

How to choose the right procedure from so many varieties? You might have been through the same perplexion with the overwhelming procedures in the market, all claiming body contouring. The answer to the question lies in your condition and expectations. Here are the major categories of the treatments and what they are suitable for.

A. Temperature-Based Fat-Reduction Treatment

The most popular temperature-based treatment is cool sculpting that reduces fat from areas like thighs, arms, love handle, etc. A special device is used to freeze your stubborn fat cells which are later drained naturally out of the body. It provides long-lasting results but you may feel discomfort and bruising as your body areas are literally frozen.

B. Skin Tightening Treatments

Your skin loses elasticity with age and becomes saggy. The effect is most visible in areas like the neck, upper arms, etc. Body contouring with radiofrequency and ultrasound technology, effectively reduce sagging and build collagen. These are great options to tighten skin after weight loss and post-pregnancy stretch marks.

C. Muscle-Enhancement Treatments

This is among the latest body contouring methods. It is a revolutionary advancement that provides you tighter and well-toned muscles. Electromagnetic energy is used to contract your muscles like gym exercises. The equipment is capable of giving contractions equivalent to tens of thousands of sit-ups in just twenty minutes.

4. What is the Cost of Body Contouring in Gurgaon? How to choose the right center for body contouring?

How much the body contouring procedure would cost me? Is there any hidden cost that would surface after the treatment and extend the budget? All such questions are genuine and natural to occur in your mind when planning for a treatment like a body contouring. As mentioned earlier, the body contouring procedures are of different types and target different issues. That makes it clear that the cost will be different for each one of them. Other factors that govern the cost include your body and skin condition, the transformation you are expecting, and which body area is to be treated and its size. Also, the fees of the practitioner and clinic would vary based on their experience and success rate.

While you should look for a clinic that offers the treatment at a reasonable cost, make sure that the treatment quality is not compromised. You should always choose a reputed clinic that has state-of-the-art equipment and must be backed by an efficient team. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations for an ideal clinic. Look at the reviews and talk to their other clients to know their experience. Visiting the clinic and talking to the doctor about your condition and the appropriate procedure would give you the best idea.

La Midas provides you the best quality treatment for body contouring at the most affordable price. Our doctors are among the best in the field and highly proficient with the latest technique. You get world-class facilities and care to make your stay with us pleasant. With a team of experts from different domains, we can provide comprehensive treatment. Our patients walk out completely rejuvenated and pumped up with the positive energy and confidence to reach the pinnacle of their lives.

5. What are the Expected Results of Body Contouring Treatments? How much fat would I lose after the treatment?

The results of body contouring depend on what you wanted the treatment for and the procedure you have chosen. Generally, you can expect a significant fat reduction, tightened skin and toned muscle from almost all treatment procedures. Your skin becomes smoother as it regains its elasticity with induced collagen improving overall skin texture and appearance. You will also notice a remarkable reduction in the visibility of cellulite. Muscle-directed treatments help you build muscles around your thighs, arms, and abdomen region and develop well-toned abs. The amount of fat reduced is significant and can completely transform your body shape. The results are long-lasting and with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, you can preserve the results for years.

6. What’s the recovery time after the procedure? Do you need to stay at home for a few days?

Body contouring procedures are both surgical and non-surgical. While surgical procedures may need up to a week for recovery, non-surgical procedures have revolutionized the treatment. The procedures are amazingly safe and quick. These are performed in one or more sessions based on your requirements and ideally you do not need any downtime to recover from the procedure. One session takes nearly forty minutes on average and is performed on an out-patient basis. This means you can return to work right after the session. In some cases, your doctor may suggest you take a day off from work. It is advisable to avoid strenuous activities that could tax your freshly treated muscles for a few days or a week. Your skin may feel tender with a little redness and swelling which disappears in 24 hours.

7. Are there any side-effects of Body Contouring? (as body contouring is a surgical procedure)

Side-effects like scarring and wounds are common with the surgical body contouring procedures like liposuction. You need to ensure that you do not strain the sutures and give them enough time to heal. You may also experience excess fluid or internal bleeding that can be treated by using simple drains. None of the side-effects are serious and can fade away in a week. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to speed-up healing.

Talking about the non-surgical procedure, the side-effects are rare and insignificant. You would only feel some redness and swelling that take no more than a day to disappear. However, the amount of weight loss would be much lesser than surgical methods.

Preparing well can reduce the chances of side-effects. Ensure that your overall health is examined and share detailed medical history with your practitioner. Avoid sun exposure, blood thinners, smoking, and access to alcohol before the treatment.

8. Is Body Contouring possible after pregnancy? Things that I need to take care of before and after the procedure

Pregnancy is a common cause of weight gain in women. Most women find it difficult to get back in shape after childbirth despite regular workout and diet. Body contouring can help you in such struggles in both natural birth and c-section. However, you should understand that it cannot solely eliminate all the weight. If you have already lost weight post-pregnancy and are unable to get rid of stubborn fat and surplus skin from some areas, body contouring is ideal for you. It would reduce fat, excess skin, and stretch marks. However, before you take the treatment, ensure that you are near your goal weight, have attained stability, maintain good overall health, and have realistic expectations.

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