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Posted on Jun 10, 2021

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Posted on Jun 10, 2021

Tired Of Shaving Again And Again ? Get The Permanent Solution

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light that destroys the hair follicles and make them die off from the root, once the root is destroyed it is harder for new hair to grow by using exposure to the pulse of laser light and removes the unwanted hair.it penetrates the hair shaft targeting the unwanted hair follicles.


Selective Photothermolysis is the technology that is used behind the laser hair removal machine which targets melanin which is produced by the skin and gives colour to the skin and hair, there are two different forms of melanin, melanin responsible for giving brown hair or black colour hair and pheomelanin responsible to give red, blonde hair colour is the primary principle behind laser hair removal, it matches with a  specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue with minimal effect and harm on surrounding tissue .the selective absorption of photons by dark material in the hair or skin with much more intensity than just the skin without any dark daily hair or melanin. Black, brown, or reddish-brown hair is targeted and is removed .

Laser target the hair that is in it's the active growth stage. the light converts to heat which damages the hair follicle and hair bulb a constantly running cold blast of air right where the laser was pointing is always moved to provide a cooling effect  .some recommendation that should be followed for the best result before going for laser treatments are the area must be cleaned shaved 24 hours before the treatment .waxing, plucking, tweezing must not be done between the treated area before or after treatment, no makeup such as lotions, deodorant and sun - cream shouldn't be there in the treatment area it must be wiped off before the treatment,  should not be exposed to the sun within 4 weeks before treatment, the area should be thoroughly exfoliated to remove all resides. Based on the type of laser medium lasers are classified into the solid-state laser, gas laser, liquid laser, semiconductor laser. 

Laser hair removal in Gurgaon is well equipped with  some of the best hair lasers that work on this layered medium is 

  • Ruby hair removal laser 

It was the first hair removal laser system that uses a shorter wavelength of 694 nm for hair removal .thin and light hair is removed.

  • Alexandrite hair removal lasers 

It's the fastest can cover a large area it targeted melanin in the hair follicles of an individual with medium  to the light skin tone.

  • Diode hair removal lasers

It works on the principle of semiconductors. The longer the wavelength of 800- 810nm the better the penetration into the hair follicles.  recommended for removing thick or cluster hair.

  • Yag hair removal the laser

It does skin resurfacing, tattoo removal besides hair removal .before starting the treatment carbon lotion  is applied on the skin and laser is targeted in the carbon thereby recommended for all skin type.

  • IPL hair removal 

It initiates photothermolysis that absorbs melanin in the hair follicle.

Targeted areas that have higher hyperpigmentation than normal skin surfaces are highly effective for laser hair removal. The most common areas are the face, underarms, back, legs, bikini area, Brazilian can include the labia, chest, unwanted hair growth in women face because of hormonal or other diseases, arms, which is relatively less time consuming than the normal removal methods of hair removal such as shaving waxing or plucking .we are fortunate enough to have the best laser hair removal in Gurgaon.

The different types of laser are based on what each needed, set elastic goals and establish the right course of action to achieve those goals. Healthy adults are mentally prepared for laser hair removal to get rid of the old methods. things that must be avoided if a person is going through laser hair removal or gone through the treatment are patient will be asked to limit their sun exposure, keep patience, should not be worried by the wound or swelling that may come after treatment as it subsides within few days by itself patient should avoid having exercised for at least 24 hours but can return to normal work routine immediately, no scrubbing or scratching is allowed to do in the targeted area, pain may be felt, blisters may occur .50- 90percent reduction of hair can be achieved very fast by laser hair removal technique.

Every individual has a different hair growth pattern and course of hair.  Some have excessive hair growth in different parts of the body area so more than one or two sittings are required for complete removal of hair.

Drastic and beautiful benefits can be achieved by laser hair removal your skin starts glowing more, it starts looking more clear, smooth and complexion be done one or two shade lighter.it turns on the skin cells, removed excess hair thereby make your skin more younger-looking as if the skin  is born, it helps you avoid ingrown hairs, it leaves no saves or painful side effects, it gives more lasting results, a long term solution, endure regrowth,  laser hair removal cost in Gurgaon is cost-effective with  minimal side effects, fast, that are achieved by precision, speed, and predictability. 

Contraindicated in pregnancy, history of melanoma, raised moles, Helios save, healing problems, active infections, open lesions, hives, therapeutic lesions, cold sores, suffering from serious medication conditions, rashes, skin irritation, history of haemorrhaging or excessive bleeding, suspensions lesions, permanent tattoo or permanent makeup



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