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Anti Aging

We all strive to look fresh and glowing throughout our lives and make every possible effort to achieve that. We adjust our diet, habits, lifestyle, and beauty regimes to retain the charm of our gleaming skin through different stages of our lives. However, aging is inevitable and it also becomes apparent on your skin as you grow. Anti-aging treatments are designed to hold or re-establish the youthfulness of your skin. They bring back your charisma and enhance the appeal in your personality while you chase your dreams and make them happen in reality.
Aging appears in several ways on your face. Reduced collagen production, increased rate of cell damage, accumulation of dead cells, free radical, exposure to sun and pollution, and harsh weather makes it difficult to keep your skin supple and fresh-looking.
Affected by these challenges, we tend to lose subcutaneous fat which leads to the development of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin drooping. Sun damage results in skin discoloration and accumulation of dead cells also make the skin look dry and dull and cause different kind of spots may develop on your skin. Skin becomes fragile that is bruised easily. Aging also causes skin thinning which makes skin transparent and may result in visible veins.
Aging is a natural process that leads to many skin-related concerns. La Midas is a one spot solution for all the aging problems. We provide a set of treatments that can address various skin aging issues. We aim to provide you smooth, clear, and radiant skin as bright as gold, keeping in mind the uniqueness of your skin type, your physical and medical condition, and expectations from the treatment. Our experts minutely examine the symptoms like dryness and roughness of skin, development of lesions, slackly hanging skin, thinning of the epidermis, lack if fat areas like in cheeks, chin, etc, and evident facial bones, etc and diagnose the exact problem before zeroing on the line of treatment. After the analysis, the treatment ensures a life-changing experience for you and provides you the motivation to dive into life and become a winner.
Skin aging is a complex process that leaves many visible markers on your skin. Based on the factors that result in aging symptoms, skin aging is characterized broadly in two groups.
  • Endogenous or intrinsic:
    These are skin aging symptoms that arise due to the body's biological processes like genetics, hormonal processes, deficiency, and cellular metabolism.
  • Exogenous or extrinsic:
    These aging signs are attributed to external or environmental factors like pollution, chronic light exposure, chemicals, ionizing radiations, toxins, etc.
The methods which help you regain your youthful vibrant skin are classified based on the kind impact that they make.
  • Intrinsic methods:
    These methods are used to manipulate the tissues or fill in the lost volume underneath your skin. Some methods that are deploy penetrating energy that stimulates the growth factors to make your skin look younger. The impact is made below the skin layer.
  • Extrinsic methods:
    These methods are implemented by adjusting or removing the outer skin layer to give you a fresher look. The impact of the treatment is on the upper damaged layer of the skin.
La Midas Recommendations
Eating a healthy diet and keeping hydrated daily helps in the long run but is not enough to combat the aging symptoms completely. La Midas offers treatments that work in a targeted fashion to mitigate the symptoms and bring your glow back.
  • Derma Fillers
    These fillers significantly fill the folds under the skin and provide fuller lips and cheeks. Both synthetic fillers and fat transfer reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively.
  • Botox
    It is an injection-based treatment that paralyzes the underlying muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Face lifting
    This is a surgical process that includes pulling tightening the skin of your face and adjusting the underlying tissues to reduce sagging.
  • Chemical Peel
    The method is popularly used to rejuvenate your skin. Chemical compounds are used to peel off the upper dead and dull layer of skin. The new brighter, tighter, fresher, and younger-looking skin is brought up. It effectively reduces sun damage, fine lines and scars, and skin discoloring.
  • Micro-dermabrasion
    This process is similar to the chemical peel. It makes use of fine crystal products to sand the face and removes the dead skin. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture.
  • Laser treatment
    The laser method is used to improve the complete wellness of the skin. It promotes collagen that naturally heals and plumps up the skin and targets fine lines, skin tone, and texture.
  • IPL and other heat-based treatments
    It works similar to the laser by boosting collagen production and popularly used to improve skin tone and texture.

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