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Acne Scar Treatment

Our body is a masterpiece that nature has created and it is an art to keep it healthy and amazing looking for eternity. Although you take all the possible care and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, inflammations and breakouts may occur. One of these common breakouts is acne which occurs as a result of inflamed lesions and may, in turn, lead to acne scars. The good news is that you can get rid of these scars with the help of specialized treatments and now nothing can prevent you from acquiring a fresh, healthy and beaming skin and turn all your dreams into reality with confidence.
Acne is potential textural changes in the skin due to inflamed blemishes that are caused by severe acne. Severe acne is generally pus-filled. When these acne empty and the area is healed, it leaves behind an apparent looking scar.
When the inflamed pores are filled with excessive oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, they swell and cause a break in the follicle walls. If the rapture in follicular walls is deep, the infected material spills out. This destroys healthy tissues and initiates the acne scars. Professional treatments and guidance can help you get rid of these acne scars and prevent new breakouts.
The acne scars are formed due to damage to the tissues beneath your skin by the deep penetration of breakouts. The team at La Midas understands the severity of the damage and provides you a dedicated customized treatment with excellent skill backed by the latest technology. We empathize with your problems see it as its responsibility to guarantee a safe, least painful and most effective treatment for your acne scars and bring back your clear and perfect skin with the golden glow. La Midas leaves no stone unturned to ignite the spark of positivity and helps you embark on your journey to success with assurance in your ability.
The knowledge of the types of acne scars helps in determining the accurate cosmetic procedure or the sequence of these procedures that must be followed. Acne scars are broadly classified into two categories
  • Depression scars:
    Depression scars are formed when not enough collagen is producedduring the healing of a wound.
  • Raised scars:
    Raised scars are more common on chest and back and are formed due to excess collagen production during the healing of a wound.
Within these categories, acne can be further classified into four different types.
  • Ice pick scars:
    These are deep and narrow scars that make the skin looks like a sharp instrument like an ice pick.
  • Boxcar scars:
    These are wider depression in the skin that gives it an uneven and pitted appearance.
  • Rolling scars:
    These scars cause a rolling or wave-shaped depression in the skin. Unlikeboxcar scars, these scars are not sharply defined.
  • Keloid scars:
    These scars are the result of deep wounds. They are raised above the skin surface and usually extends beyond the size of the original wound.
La Midas Recommendations
A range of treatment options is available at La Midas. Our proficient dermatologists examine the scars and recommend the best line of treatment for the complete removal of scars.
  • Topical treatment
    There are many topical creams and ointments flooding the market that claims treat acne scars by removing dead skin, preventing pore-clogging, and cell regeneration.
  • Dermabrasion
    It is a common treatment for facial scars. The dermatologists use wire brushes or wheels to deeply exfoliate the top skin layer and remove the scars.
  • Chemical peel
    Chemicals are used to scrape off the top skin layer. This brings out the inner skin layer which is healthier, brighter and free from scars. Depending on the requirement a superficial or deep peel can be taken.
  • Laser resurfacing
    A laser is used in a controlled manner to remove the upper skin layer. This method removes scars with the least/no pain and minimum downtime.
  • Fillers
    Fillers can be made with commercial material, collagen, or fat from your body. These fillers are injected to remove the depression scars and provide a rejuvenated volume to the skin.

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